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Vibration Magazine

Music isn’t treated as an art form anymore. It is treated as content that you hear once, throw away, and wait for the new album.

Either that or a formulaic trope-ridden pop anthem that you hear 50 times a day. There is no in-between because this is how music is consumed nowadays.

Most musicians aren’t able to fully express themselves and put out their best work because relevancy is all that matters. Music fans will either say “drop new music” or “you fell off” because if you’re not consistent, you’re forgotten in an instant. It’s a terrible workplace environment that only awards what artists have done lately. That expects artists to release music every year without much longevity. That pushes artists to the spotlight and boos them when they crack under the pressure.

Vibration is uprooting that ideology and throwing it into the incinerator. We forget blind consumption. We are creating that middle ground once again, where artists can make music with integrity, expression, and appeal that lasts the test of time.
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We’re forging a movement. We dissect the media that dominates our everyday entertainment. We respect the artists that devote their lives to an art form with such complexity. We give them their flowers so they can enjoy them while they can. As an artist, they give until there’s nothing left.

Our magazine and staff are not meant to be pretentious. We’re just passionate writers that want the best for listeners and artists alike. We create this space full of open-minded people that appreciate the dedication, hardship, and compromise to release a piece of art that ultimately defines you as a person. The more we build this culture, the more artists feel compelled to release a comprehensive and engaging piece.

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You don’t need to be a music snob to identify with Vibration. You don’t need to have a degree in music theory or be classically trained to be a part of the conversation. We’re here to start the conversation about a medium with infinite possibilities.

When you think about it, Vibration doesn’t always have to be the loud thumping bass that reverberates through your bones. It can also serve as a reminder to feel something. After all, music is still an art form people want to enjoy.

Vibration comes in all frequencies. Vibration is a reflection of people, their opinions, influences, and styles. Vibration is a part of music and vice versa. You only feel it when you let it play.

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