Best True Crime Podcasts: Top 10 Insane Choices for 2021

best true crime podcasts

Like a bass line that thrills the listener, true crime podcasts have surged in popularity. They have managed to successfully tap into the mysterious elements of horror stories while remaining nestled in the realm of harsh reality. The best true crime podcasts have an uncanny way of retaining the listener’s hefty attention, drawing folks in with their horrifying yet compelling narratives.

Engaging Pulse – Diving into the Depths of Best True Crime Podcasts

True crime podcasts have experienced a surge that mirrors the love “Freak Scene” by Dinosaur Jr. received in the late 80s. Their popularity isn’t born out of morbidity; rather, they uncover intricate facets of human nature, justice, and psychology that often go unnoticed. Think of the best true crime podcasts like a Tom Petty song, capable of hypnotizing listeners with their rhythm and contents.

True crime podcasts have played a vital role in engaging listeners on a different level. The aftereffect of these podcasts is analagous to the bittersweet fervor after attending an intense concert tour by your favorite band – thought-provoking yet intoxicating. The unhinged element lies in their reality, the truth, with its ability to both intrique and shock listeners simultaneously.

Unsheathing the Titans: Top 10 Best True Crime Podcasts of 2021

From heinous crimes to courtroom drama – we have sifted through the plethora of choices to bring you the top 10 best true crime podcasts of 2021:

  1. Serial: Known for its deep digs into mystifying crimes.
  2. My Favorite Murder: The hosts share their fascination with notable murders.
  3. S-Town: A reporter investigates a rumor of a murder and uncovers much more.
  4. Dr. Death: An insightful study into the disturbing malpractice of a neurosurgeon.
  5. Dirty John: Explores the lives of victims caught in the web of a charming yet deceitful scammer.
  6. The Murder of Mary Phagan: The infamous murder case of a teen-aged factory worker.
  7. In The Dark: A deep dive into cases that left the authorities stumped.
  8. The Trail Went Cold: Discusses criminal instances where the trail went cold.
  9. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories: A look into riveting unsolved murders.
  10. Criminal: A podcast dealing with crime in all its forms.
  11. Like comparing Metallica to Iron Maiden, each podcast has its unique charm and style that appeals to the voracious appetite of true crime aficionados.


    Serial: Unraveling the Threads of True Crime’s Most Mystifying Tale

    Think of Serial as the ‘Beatles’ of the true crime podcasts genre. Its rise to prominence was the same as the band’s rise in the 60s, slowly and then all at once. Serial is to true crime what top 90s Songs are to music enthusiasts—relentlessly engaging and memorable.

    Serial dominated the airwaves by dissecting intricacies of baffling real-life crimes, inspiring countless true crime podcasts down the line. Its episode revolving around Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed, baffled and gripped millions across the globe and etched a mark with their thought-evoking narrative.

    Serial, staying true to its name, delivered stories serially – it’s like a TV show for your ears. Serial layers its true stories over multiple episodes, building up the anticipation comparable to the build-up to the chorus in a song.

    What is the #1 Rated True Crime Podcast?

    Without drumming around the bush, the #1 rated true crime podcast is Serial. Besides crafting compelling narratives, Serial is acclaimed because it focused on the human impact of crime, much like a touching ballad from Dylan. Crisp narration coupled with ambient background music brought alive the spine-chilling tales as effectively as a horror movie or better.

    Branching Into the Top 5 True Crime Podcasts on Spotify

    While Serial might be their poster boy, Spotify is not bereft of true crime podcasts that have managed to etch a mark. As diverse as finding your favorite band’s vinyl at a Raymour And Flanigan fair, here are the top 5 true crime podcasts on Spotify:

    1. Casefile: A dive into solved and unsolved crime stories.
    2. Sword and Scale: Depicting the evil that people are capable of.
    3. Last Podcast on the Left: Juggling humor and horror detailing macabre crimes.
    4. Blindboy Podcast: Packaging crime with socio-political discussions.
    5. RedHanded: The hosts discuss chilling criminal instances without holding back.
    6. Echoes of Awe: Like “Only Murders in the Building”

      Moving beyond traditional narratives, those akin to “Only Murders in the Building” can often be found in the catalogue of Spotify or Apple Podcasts. The love for this specific podcast is equally distributed as the love for an amazon alternative, prevalent and buzzing. The anticipated Season 3 has set the trends and pulses soaring for this genre.


      The Unforgettable: “The Murder in My Family” and “The Apology Line”

      These two podcasts have, in a way, revolutionized the way we approach true crime storytelling. They cemented their place in the annals of the best true crime podcasts like a timeless Leonard Cohen track, as they transformed listeners into armchair detectives.

      Moms and Mysteries: A New Era of True Crime Podcasts

      Moms and Mysteries, as peculiar as it sounds, is a testament to the expansive world of true crime podcasts. It’s the same as parents being part of an online forum discussing Best Air purifier For Pets. The evolution of this genre, like the evolution of music over the decades, has been noteworthy, making space for such niche entrants.


      What is the Podcast about Peter Farquhar?

      The tragic murder of Peter Farquhar and the podcast focusing on it has intrigued millions worldwide. The twisted tale could be likened to a noir film storyline, the kind you’d expect from a Tom Bateman thriller, keeping listeners on the edge their seats.

      The Last Word: Unmasking the Persistent Allure of True Crime Podcasts

      The fascination with true crime podcasts strums the same chords in human psyches as the unforgettable riffs from the best guitar tracks. True crime podcasts, with their ever-evolving narrative structure, gripping stories, and conscious effort to humanize the heinous, look set to dominate the airwaves even more overwhelmingly in 2023 and beyond.

      Just as music continues to reinvent itself, so does the realm of true crime podcasts. As enthusiasts of this genre, we eagerly await the new scores that will dictate the rhythm of the coming years.


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