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10 Insane Brad Paisley Songs Facts

Brad Paisley songs have the uncanny ability to spin yarns that tug at heartstrings and the finesse to pluck on the strings of a well-worn guitar with technical mastery. Part storyteller, part virtuoso, and all country, his catalog runs the gamut from tearjerkers to side-splitters. As we wade through the Paisley archives, we’ll uncover 10 facts about Brad Paisley songs that may surprise even the most die-hard fans.

Fact #1: The Emotional Genius in “Whiskey Lullaby”

Ah, “Whiskey Lullaby,” a track that wraps around you like the ghost of heartaches past. Brad Paisley joined forces with the venerable Bill Anderson to give us this poignant piece. They charted untold emotional waters, with Brad and the ethereal Alison Krauss turning the song into something akin to a modern-day folk lament. For so many of us, it became not just a song, but a companion in the wee hours of our own sorrow-soaked nights.

Its impact on country music fans? Well, folks, it’s like reliving your fondest memories while having your soul scooped out – intense, but strangely comforting. It’s a masterpiece that shows the mirror to our broken selves and yet helps us find solace, all at the same time.

Best of Brad Paisley Songbook (Recorded Versions Guitar)

Best Of Brad Paisley Songbook (Recorded Versions Guitar)


The “Best of Brad Paisley Songbook (Recorded Versions Guitar)” is an essential collection for fans eager to learn and play the best hits from the star-studded career of country music icon Brad Paisley. This songbook provides guitarists with authentic transcriptions of the guitar parts from the original recordings, ensuring a true-to-performance experience. Each song is meticulously notated, including tablature and standard notation, along with chord symbols, guitar chord diagrams, and full lyrics. The collection spans a variety of Paisley’s albums, showcasing his remarkable skills as both a singer-songwriter and a masterful guitarist.

Enrich your repertoire with this comprehensive songbook featuring hit singles such as “Whiskey Lullaby,” “Mud on the Tires,” “Ticks,” and many more. The book is crafted for intermediate to advanced players, offering a challenging yet rewarding learning journey through Paisley’s blend of traditional and modern country music. These accurate and detailed transcriptions capture the essence of Paisley’s dynamic playing style, from his soulful leads to his intricate chicken pickin’. Each piece is presented in a way that is both approachable for learning and true to the complexity of Paisley’s beloved melodies and guitar work.

This songbook is not only an excellent way to delve into the technicalities of Brad Paisley’s guitar prowess but also a tribute to his storytelling and musicality. It doubles as a great resource for aspiring guitarists who wish to study the nuances of country guitar techniques, as well as an item of memorabilia for Paisley’s fans. The “Best of Brad Paisley Songbook” will provide hours of entertainment and practice, aiding musicians in capturing the heartfelt emotion and electrifying energy that Paisley conveys through his music. Whether you are practicing at home, performing for friends, or playing on stage, this songbook is the key to unlocking the world of one of country music’s most celebrated guitarists.

Fact #2: The Intricate Guitar Play in “Ticks”

Alright, hold on to your hat – “Ticks” is where we see that even a sly country ditty can have the guitar chops that’d make a maestro weep. Brad Paisley’s ability to blend knee-slapping lyrics with fretboard wizardry is no small feat. The guy can swing from a joke to a four-finger chord faster than you can say “check for ticks.”

What’s magic about “Ticks” isn’t just the cheekiness. Nah, it’s how Brad’s picking patterns craft a narrative parallel to the lyrics, creating a whole that’s undeniably smart and unapologetically country. Even the most knowledgeable fans might miss those little winks hidden in the strings.

Image 24842

Title Album Release Year Notable Achievements Co-Writers (if applicable)
“He Didn’t Have to Be” “Who Needs Pictures” 1999 Paisley’s first number one single on the US Billboard Country charts Kelley Lovelace
“We Danced” “Who Needs Pictures” 2000 Reached number one on the US Billboard Country charts Chris DuBois
“Mud on the Tires” “Mud on the Tires” 2004 Title track of his third studio album, became a number one hit Chris DuBois
“Whiskey Lullaby” “Mud on the Tires” 2004 A duet with Alison Krauss, won CMA Song of the Year 2004 Bill Anderson
“Remind Me” “This Is Country Music” 2011 A duet with Carrie Underwood, RIAA Platinum certified Chris DuBois, Kelley Lovelace
“When I Get Where I’m Going” “Time Well Wasted” 2006 Featured Dolly Parton, won ACM Vocal Event of the Year George Teren, Rivers Rutherford
“She’s Everything” “Time Well Wasted” 2006 Became a number one hit on the US Billboard Country charts Wil Nance, John Greenbaum
“Then” “American Saturday Night” 2009 Paisley’s 14th number one single Chris DuBois, Ashley Gorley
“This Is Country Music” “This Is Country Music” 2010 The title track of his 2011 album, a tribute to the country genre Chris DuBois
“Old Alabama” “This Is Country Music” 2011 Featured Alabama, hit number one on Billboard Country Airplay Chris DuBois, Randy Owen, Dave Turnbull
“Water” “American Saturday Night” 2010 Reached number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart Chris DuBois, Kelley Lovelace
“The World” “Time Well Wasted” 2006 Became Paisley’s fastest-climbing number one single Lee Thomas Miller, Kelley Lovelace
“Letter to Me” “5th Gear” 2008 Reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart
“Waitin’ on a Woman” “5th Gear” / “Play: The Guitar Album” 2008 This song had an accompanying music video with Andy Griffith Wynn Varble, Don Sampson
“Online” “5th Gear” 2007 Won CMA Music Video of the Year Chris DuBois, Kelley Lovelace
“I’m Still a Guy” “5th Gear” 2008 Peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart Chris DuBois, Lee Thomas Miller
“Ticks” “5th Gear” 2007 Debut single from the album, became a number one Country hit Chris DuBois, Tim Owens
“Start a Band” “Play: The Guitar Album” 2008 Featured Keith Urban, won the 2009 CMA Award for Musical Event of the Year Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley

Fact #3: The Star-Studded Collaboration in “Old Alabama”

Collaborations can be tightrope walks, but with “Old Alabama,” Paisley danced right across with style and a smirk. The country icon swiped riffs straight from the Alabama playbook, dusted them off, and made ’em shine for the modern age. Talk about a genre-spanning handshake!

When you bring legends like Alabama into the mix, you’re not just blending voices; you’re stirring decades of musical prestige into your tune. The result? Something uniquely nostalgic yet refreshingly Brad, a tribute that’s a hit in its own right.

Fact #4: The Empowered Storytelling of “Mud on the Tires”

Can you smell that? That’s freedom – the “Mud on the Tires” kind of freedom. Paisley paints a picture of unbridled youth and adventures with a four-wheelin’ heart. It’s not just a song; it’s an anthem, man! Every chord is a call to the wild, to those summer days splashed with mud and dripping with melody.

The track catches that lightning-in-a-bottle feel of a carefree life. Brad doesn’t just sing about letting loose; he invites us aboard his pickup, ready to chart a course towards those backroad heavens.

Original Album Classics

Original Album Classics


Original Album Classics is an exquisite collection designed for the avid music enthusiast, offering a treasure trove of artists’ most definitive works. Each edition in the series showcases a selection of remastered albums, often spanning the most pivotal periods in a musician’s career, housed in a sleek, compact box set. The sets are not only an ideal introduction for newcomers wishing to explore an artist’s back catalogue but also serve as a collector’s item for die-hard fans. Within these sets, listeners can expect to find rich notes on the album’s production, history, and impact on music, as well as any notable bonus tracks that provide a complete listening experience.

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Fact #5: The Sentimental Journey of “When I Get Where I’m Going”

“When I Get Where I’m Going” can floor you with its sheer spirit and the holy might of Dolly Parton’s vocals. It’s Paisley taking us by the hand and walking us through the pearly gates, offering a heartful of hope to anyone who’s ever lost someone.

This isn’t just a song; it’s a shoulder when you need it most. Brad’s crafted more than melody here; he’s woven a tapestry of faith and future, and listeners have been wrapping themselves in it to find peace amidst grief.

Image 24843

Fact #6: Chart Success and Cultural Impact of “Then”

Look, if you haven’t slow-danced to “Then” at a wedding, are you even living? This song didn’t just climb charts; it became the cherished backdrop for couples promising forever. Another of Paisley’s No. 1 hits that he penned himself, it shows the man knows his way around both the strings and the heartstrings.

Its melody lingers long after the dance floor’s gone dark, making “Then” not merely a successful track but a part of life’s most intimate moments. It’s etched its lyrics into the milestones of many, and that, friends, is something special.

Fact #7: The Technical Mastery in “Play”

Now, an entirely instrumental album in country music? It’s bold. It’s brave. It’s “Play.” When “Cluster Pluck” rolls around, it leaves guitar aficionados in awe. The intricate picking, the fluid transitions – it’s like watching a high-stakes dance where every step lands just right.

“Play” was Paisley tipping his hat to the giants of guitar who came before him, and boy, did he stand tall among them. His execution on this album is a testament to his prowess, earning nods and wows from music lovers and the toughest critics out there.

Hits Alive

Hits Alive


Hits Alive is an exhilarating live compilation album that captures the essence of live performance, bringing the raw energy and passion of your favorite artists right into your home. Tailored for music aficionados who thrive on the palpable excitement of live concerts, this double-disc set features a carefully curated selection of chart-topping singles and hidden gems, all recorded at various sold-out venues around the world. From the electrifying guitar riffs and heart-thumping drum solos to the spontaneous crowd interactions, Hits Alive offers an immersive listening experience that rivals being front-row at the show.

The production of Hits Alive has been meticulously engineered to ensure the highest audio quality, preserving the nuances of the live atmosphere without compromising the clarity of the sound. Every track has been mastered to capture the performers’ dynamic range, from whispered verses to soaring choruses, allowing listeners to appreciate every detail as if they were there in person. Additionally, Hits Alive includes special behind-the-scenes commentary and anecdotes from the artists, providing an intimate glimpse into the creation of each song and the energy of each performance.

For collectors and fans alike, Hits Alive also includes a beautifully designed booklet filled with exclusive photos, setlists, and liner notes that delve into the stories behind the concerts. By owning this album, you become part of an exclusive community that values the unrepeatable magic of live music, creating a timeless treasure that will keep the spirit of these performances alive for years to come. Hits Alive is not just an album; it’s a passport to reliving some of the most memorable moments in music history, over and over again.

Fact #8: Social Commentary in “Welcome to the Future”

It’s easy to overlook country as a conveyor of modernity, but “Welcome to the Future” is a testament to Paisley’s progressive outlook. This isn’t just a catchy tune; it’s an ode to progress, a hopeful glimpse forward. In a world often mired in division, Brad takes a stand for what’s unfolded and what’s to come, embroidering threads of unity in his music.

It’s about recognizing our strides in social and technological domains without losing that timeless country essence. Paisley makes you believe, in with the new doesn’t have to mean out with the old.

Image 24844

Fact #9: The Humorous Undercurrents in “Online”

Folks, let’s talk about how “Online” is the crystal ball of country music. Brad Paisley crafted a tune that not only tickles the funny bone but prophetically speaks to the digital age’s facade. He was singing about catfishing before half of us even knew what it was!

“Online” is that rare breed of song that calls out our hi-tech hijinks with a grin. In a world where your neighbor could be a Twitter titan or the “King of Spain,” Paisley plucks out a bit of truth and sets it to a beat you can’t help but tap your boots to.

Fact #10: The Hidden Gems in Lesser-Known Tracks

In the vast prairie of Paisley’s work, there are tracks like “The Nervous Breakdown” and “Time Warp” that stand like hidden treasures. These are the songs that don’t always make the radio waves but resonate with the soul of country music.

They’re intricate, narrative, and demonstrate Paisley’s deftness as both a lyricist and a musician. Each one is a layered piece of musical craftsmanship, waiting for the keen-eared listener to unearth and appreciate its unique charm.

Conclusion: Strumming Through the Layers of Brad Paisley’s Hits

As we stride through the museum of Brad Paisley songs, it’s clear that he’s not just a star in the country music sky; he’s a constellation of stories, laughs, riffs, and rebirth. Each song is a world unto itself, holding a mirror to the lives of those who listen, inviting them to step inside and become part of the narrative.

From the tear-stained strings of “Whiskey Lullaby” to the heartfelt optimism of “Welcome to the Future,” Brad Paisley’s hits are more than melodies; they’re milestones for the listener and hallmarks of a genre that continues to evolve while remaining steadfast to its roots. It’s this mixture of reverence for the past and embrace of the present that keeps Paisley relevant and beloved in the hearts of country music fans everywhere.

It’s a given, Brad Paisley is a maestro of the country genre, an artisan of the auditory, strumming through layers of life, love, and everything in between. And just like seeking out exquisite Hotels on The beach in Laguna, diving into the depth of his songs reassures us that there are still discoveries to be made in the familiar, and melodies that resonate deeper than first heard. As we wade through the Twitter-sphere—beyond the likes of Dave Wasserman twitter and Posobiec Twitter —even in realms of digital commentary like “Online, Paisley reminds us of the authenticity that beats at the core of country music and human connection. Whether it’s the rich narratives similar to Igby Goes down, or the distinctiveness of roles in the Definitely Maybe cast, Paisley’s songs, like the varied performances of Anna Konkle, bring unique dimensions to the universal themes they tackle.

And now, as we look forward to more tunes and tales from a man who’s given us two decades of them, we can only hope for another twenty years of Brad Paisley songs. For just like the harmonies of the Bso Baltimore, listening to a Paisley tune is an experience, a harmony of words and melodies that, put simply, feels like coming home.

Wild and Wacky World of Brad Paisley Songs

Hold onto your cowboy hats, folks, because we’re about to saddle up and dive into some crazy-cool trivia about Brad Paisley songs! This country crooner has been churnin’ out hits that are as catchy as a lasso loop and as sharp as a spur. So, let’s two-step into some facts that might just make you say, “Well, butter my biscuit, I never knew that!”

The Tale of the “Mud on the Tires” Mishap

You know that infectious Brad Paisley tune that has us all dreamin’ of hitting the backroads with the windows down? “Mud on the Tires” is the title track of his 2003 album and it’s become a summer anthem. But, y’all won’t believe this—turns out, during the recording, Brad’s guitar strings snapped like a twig in a twister! He was pluckin’ so fiercely that he had to pause and restring mid-session. Talk about goin’ hard in the honky-tonk!

“Online” Before Online was a Thing

“Online,” a rollickin’ number about creating an, ahem, “enhanced” version of yourself on the interwebs, hit the airwaves in 2007. Now, it feels like an oracle of modern times, what with everyone spiffing up their profiles. “Online” was like spotting a UFO in the world of Brad Paisley songs—way ahead of its time, and just a little bit out-of-this-world.

When Fishing Turns Musical

“Waitin’ on a Woman,” y’all remember that heart-tugger? But did you know Brad actually wrote part of it while he was, I kid you not, fishing? That’s right, nestled in his fishing boat, he hooked the melody just like a prize bass. I reckon he wasn’t just waitin’ on a fish that day—he also caught a whale of a song!

A Link to Inspiration

Now, here’s a heartwarmer for ya: Brad’s inspiring tunes have influenced folks from all walks of life. Take “Letter to Me,” a song musterin’ up nostalgia like gravy soaks up biscuits. It talks about writin’ a letter to your younger self with some down-to-earth advice, which rings true for many out there looking for a ray of hope. Just like the story of Ana Walshe, it shows how looking back can help guide you forward. You can draw inspiration from her journey and perhaps pen your own “letter” to the past.

A Celestial Collaboration

Hold the phone—did ya’ll know Brad actually featured a real astronaut in one of his tracks? None other than NASA’s very own Chris Hadfield strummed his guitar in the International Space Station for the intro in “Southern Comfort Zone.” That’s literally out-of-this-world collaboration, making it one of the coolest facts about Brad Paisley songs. It’s not everyday you hear a space man twangin’ in zero gravity!

The Whiskey Lullaby Legend

Can we chat about “Whiskey Lullaby”? With lyrics that could make a statue cry, it’s a duet that’s just unforgettable. Now, the story goes that the song was almost swept under the rug, collecting dust for years before Brad breathed life into it. It’s a remindin’ us all, folks, that sometimes treasures lie waitin’ for the right moment to shine, just like an old guitar waitin’ to be strummed.

Well, there you have it, partners. A barrelful of facts about Brad Paisley songs that are as tasty as pecan pie. Brad’s songs aren’t just a foot-tappin’ good time—they’re a treasure trove of stories and surprises. Keep those ears primed next time you give ’em a listen; you just might uncover something incredible. Now, go ahead and spread the good word—country fun fact style!

Brad Paisley Greatest Hits

Brad Paisley   Greatest Hits


“Brad Paisley Greatest Hits” is a masterfully curated collection that encapsulates the distinguished career of one of country music’s most resonant and enduring artists. This compilation features a slew of Paisley’s chart-topping singles, timeless collaborations, and fan-favorite tracks, all showcasing his exceptional guitar skills, witty lyrical prowess, and heartfelt storytelling. From the playful twangs of “Mud on the Tires” to the emotional depth of “Whiskey Lullaby,” this album is bound to be a staple in any country music lover’s library.

Listeners are taken on a journey through Paisley’s impressive two-decade career, witnessing his evolution as a musician and a songwriter. The album includes gems like “Ticks,” where Brad’s humor shines, and the touching “When I Get Where I’m Going,” which illuminates his capacity to address profound themes. Furthermore, the compilation features Paisley’s duets with icons like Carrie Underwood in “Remind Me,” providing a blend of powerful vocal dynamics and moving melodies.

The “Brad Paisley Greatest Hits” is not just a musical anthology but a narrative of life’s highs and lows, captured through the lens of country music. It’s a celebration of an artist who has left an indelible mark on the genre, making it a perfect gift for long-time fans or an excellent introduction for those new to Paisley’s work. With stellar production quality that brings out the best in each track, this album promises to provide hours of listening pleasure and a deep appreciation for the art of country music storytelling.

How many number 1 does Brad Paisley have?

– Oh, Brad Paisley? That guy’s got the Midas touch when it comes to churning out chart-toppers. He’s scribbled down 21 of his 24 No. 1 hits himself, and way back in 2008, he even set the record as the first artist to nab 10 straight Billboard Country Airplay No. 1’s. Now that’s what I call striking gold!

What song did Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood sing?

– Talk about a dynamic duo! Brad Paisley teamed up with the powerhouse vocalist Carrie Underwood for “Remind Me,” a tune that’s as catchy as a cold in winter. Released in May 2011, this hit duet comes straight from Paisley’s album ‘This Is Country Music,’ and folks, it’s a real heartstring-tugger.

Did Brad Paisley write any songs for his wife?

– Alright, grab the tissues, ’cause Brad Paisley went all out for his lady love on their wedding day. Fast forward 20 years, and he’s on The Tonight Show cracking jokes and strumming the same song he penned for Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Talk about a serenade to remember—this guy knows how to keep the romance alive!

What is the most famous Brad Paisley?

– If we’re talking Brad Paisley anthems, “Whiskey Lullaby” rings a bell louder than a church on Sunday. This song’s not just famous—it’s country music royalty. With its haunting lyrics and melody, it’s the kind of tune that sticks with you long after the last chord fades.

Who has the longest number 1 song ever?

– Phew, now here’s a marathon of a song! “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, didn’t just hit No. 1; it set up camp and stayed there for a whopping 19 weeks. Yup, that’s the longest No. 1 song so far—good luck to anyone trying to beat that record!

Who has the most number 1 songs ever?

– When it comes to reigning over the charts, The Beatles aren’t just legends—they’re the undisputed champs. With a jaw-dropping 20 No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, the Fab Four have got more chart-toppers than you can shake a stick at.

Are Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood still friends?

– Are Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood buddies? You bet! After hosting the CMA Awards together for over a decade, these two are thick as thieves. Their friendship’s been country strong since they first belted out a tune together, and it looks like it’s staying that way.

Did Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley ever date?

– Now, hold your horses—Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood shared the stage, not a love story! These two crooners kept it strictly professional, bonding over music and those famous CMA hosting gigs. Offstage, they’re just good pals with a shared love for country twang.

Who sang a duet with Brad Paisley?

– Carrie Underwood’s the leading lady who lent her voice alongside Brad Paisley for “Remind Me.” When these two harmonize, it’s like biscuits and gravy—just a perfect match. They turned this track into a country hit faster than you can say “encore.”

Was Taylor Swift a backup singer for Brad Paisley?

– Here’s a fun fact to drop at your next trivia night—before she became the queen of country, Taylor Swift kicked off her career singing backup for Brad Paisley. That’s right, even superstars have to start somewhere, and for Taylor, it was on Brad’s stage, tuning up for stardom.

Is Brad Paisley retired?

– Retired? Brad Paisley? Heck no! He’s still pickin’ and grinnin’ like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, not too long ago, he was on Jimmy Fallon’s show, serenading his wife and cracking jokes. Retirement’s not in Brad’s playbook—his guitar’s got plenty of life left in it.

How many children does Brad Paisley have?

– Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley are more than just a cute couple; they’re parents to two boys who’ve probably got more rhythm in their pinky toes than most of us have in our whole body. That’s right, Paisley’s a family man with a duo of kiddos keeping him on his toes.

What year did Brad Paisley come out?

– Let’s rewind to 1999—that’s the year Brad Paisley burst onto the scene with his debut album ‘Who Needs Pictures.’ It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since he started racking up hits like a pro.

Who influenced Brad Paisley?

– You’re curious about who lit the fire under Brad Paisley’s country career? Look no further than guitar-slingin’ legends like Chet Atkins and Johnny Cash. These icons of twang and soul paved the road that Brad’s been cruising down ever since.

What did Brad Paisley major in college?

– Before Brad Paisley was the guitar hero we know today, he was hitting the books at Belmont University in Nashville, majoring in music business. Little did he know, he was gearing up to be one of the head honchos of country music himself!

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