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5 Insane Cheap Trick Songs You Must Hear

Cheap Trick’s discography is like a deep, groovy rabbit hole, brimming with jewels waiting to shine, far beyond the widely adored hits like “I Want You to Want Me” and “Dream Police.” But cheers to the connoisseurs who’ve dared to delve deeper — you know that Cheap Trick songs have an insane variety that can stupefy and stir the soul of any power-pop enthusiast. These lads from Rockford, Illinois err on the side of fantastic, with a dash of crazy, a splash of rock, and a pop sensibility that fetches a punch. Let’s tune up and uncover five insanely wondrous tracks from Cheap Trick that have unjustly lingered in obscurity.

Unveiling the Underappreciated: A Deep Dive into Rare Cheap Trick Tracks

Before we throw ourselves pell-mell into their boundless ocean of harmonies and riffs, let’s tip our hats to this legendary foursome. Bearing the torch of rock ‘n roll since the 70s, Cheap Trick, with mainstays like Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson — and with Robin Zander stepping in to fill the shoes left by Randy “Xeno” Hogan — have fused their sound into the very framework of what we call power-pop. Cheap Trick songs deliver the thrills and spills of youth and beyond, proving life’s too good not to rock out.

Best of Cheap Trick (Guitar Recorded Versions)

Best of Cheap Trick (Guitar Recorded Versions)


Dive into the electrifying world of Cheap Trick with the comprehensive “Best of Cheap Trick (Guitar Recorded Versions)” songbook. This meticulously curated collection boasts accurate transcriptions of guitar parts from the band’s most iconic songs, empowering musicians of all skill levels to engage with the band’s distinct rock and roll sound. Whether you’re a beginner guitarist eager to learn riffs from hits like “Surrender” and “I Want You to Want Me,” or an experienced player looking to perfect the solos and rhythm patterns, this songbook is an essential resource for any fan of Cheap Trick’s influential catalog.

Featuring detailed notation, this book offers guitarists the unique opportunity to study and play along with these classic rock anthems. Each song is presented in both standard notation and guitar tablature, accompanied by chord symbols and complete lyrics, providing a comprehensive learning experience. Painstakingly transcribed by professionals, players can trust that they’re getting the closest possible versions to what is performed on the records, thus preserving the integrity of the original works.

“Best of Cheap Trick (Guitar Recorded Versions)” is not just a songbook; it’s a passport to the heart of rock and roll history. Its sleek and user-friendly design makes it accessible to musicians of all levels, promoting an in-depth understanding of the band’s music and style. So plug in your guitar, crank up the amp, and let this iconic compilation guide you through the timeless riffs and solos that helped cement Cheap Trick as one of the most beloved bands in rock history.

1. “He’s a Whore” – The Unsung Anthem with a Power-Pop Punch

Well, lookie here! If it isn’t “He’s a Whore,” the raw adrenalin hit from Cheap Trick’s 1977 eponymous debut. It’s the kind of song that slams you back in your seat with its unrelenting riff and gets your head nodding with its unapologetic tempo. It’s classic Cheap Trick: bold, brash, and devilishly catchy.

  • Unrestrained Storytelling: It’s not every day you hear a song rallying against materialism with such gusto. The tell-it-like-it-is lyrics, dripping with satire and wit, get you pondering about the love of dinero while you’re headbanging.
  • Inspired Instrumentation: The guitars here, oh buddy, they’re wired up for a high-voltage output that’ll jolt even the most jaded earbuds.
  • Employing an arsenal of power-pop elements that set the standard for others to follow, “He’s a Whore” has unsurprisingly stood the test of time with a charm that could, in the right moment, outshine even the most announced chartbusters.

    Image 18204

    Title Album Year Notable Feature(s)
    I Want You to Want Me In Color 1977 Studio version has piano fill; live version incorporates two guitar solos and interactive crowd chant “cryin’”. Recorded in a style mimicking live concerts of the era.
    Surrender Heaven Tonight 1978 Lyrics describe a teenager discovering his parents’ wild past through their record collection. Themes include youthful rebellion and generational gaps.
    Dream Police Dream Police 1979 Known for its prominent use of strings and a strong rhythm section. Addressed themes of paranoia and control.
    The Flame Lap of Luxury 1988 A ballad that became Cheap Trick’s first number-one hit, featuring emotional lyrics and powerful vocal performance from Robin Zander.
    Ain’t That a Shame Cheap Trick at Budokan 1979 Live cover of a Fats Domino song, which showcased the band’s energetic live performance style.
    She’s Tight One on One 1982 Features a catchy chorus and significant radio play, highlighting the band’s more playful and sexual innuendos in lyrics.
    Voices Dream Police 1979 A softer track featuring melodic hooks and introspective lyrics, diverging from some of the band’s harder-edged material.
    Tonight It’s You Standing on the Edge 1985 Gained popularity with a strong melodic hook and heartfelt lyrics, showcasing the band’s versatility in the mid-80s.
    Can’t Stop Fallin’ into Love Busted 1990 A pop-oriented track with an upbeat tempo and harmonic vocal arrangements that appealed to the broader music audience of the early ’90s.

    2. “Mandocello” – An Acoustic Ode Transcending Power Ballads

    Switch gears, folks. “Mandocello,” also from their debut album, is Cheap Trick’s tender side laid bare. Strumming with grace, this track showcases the band’s diversity, drawing melancholic tones from its namesake instrument into an endearing mix of acoustic elegance.

    • Intimate Lyrics and Vocals: The gentle brush of Zander’s voice against your consciousness in “Mandocello” feels as intimate as a secret being whispered in a quiet room. The yearning in the lyrics reaches into the chest and grips the heart in a way that rivals the most heartrending Ophelia Lyrics.
    • Dynamism in Simplicity: Even in its simplicity, there’s a dynamism to be found as the song escalates to an emotionally charged crescendo. It’s an early showcase of the band’s ability to craft a Cheap Trick song that tugs at the soul’s strings without leaning on their usual electric crunch.
    • This song is the perfect middle ground if you’re easing off those tall black Boots after a night out but not quite ready to hit the hay.

      3. “On Top of the World” – Climbing the Peaks of Peculiar Progressions

      Jump into the sonic rollercoaster of “On Top of the World” from their stellar 1978 album, “Heaven Tonight.” Wacky time signatures? You bet. A melody that twists and turns like a corkscrew? Absolutely. This tune proves that Cheap Trick wasn’t just playing around; they were conjuring up a world of their own making.

      • Inventive Songwriting: From the first note, “On Top of the World” bounds along with a rhythmic gait that alternates between smooth strolls and heart-racing sprints. It’s a testament to a band that’s never afraid to experiment.
      • Lyrical Wonderland: Nielsen’s guitar licks and Petersson’s bass undertones serve as a fitting backdrop for Zander’s vocals, which sail through the funky grooves with a blend of cheek and introspection.
      • It’s Cheap Trick at their most unrestrained, a Cheap Trick song with enough surprises packed in every beat to keep the most ardent disciple of rock guessing.




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        4. “She’s Tight” – An Overlooked Single Bursting with Quintessential Trick Tricks

        1982’s “One on One” brought us “She’s Tight,” a song that’s got that classic Cheap Trick blend of pithy lyrics and effervescent sound, hammering home why they’re the lords of power-pop.

        • Irresistible Chorus: The chorus is the magic carpet here, folks – it lifts you up and wraps you in a melody so vibrant, so damn irrepressible, you can’t sit still.
        • Vivacious Vibe: There’s a va-va-voom to “She’s Tight” that embodies the exuberance of the 80s – a time when the hair was big, the jeans were tight, and the tunes were larger than life.
        • So if you’re scouring through Craigslist Milwaukee for vintage records or trinkets, keep an ear out for this one; it’s a find that’ll add zing to your collection.

          Image 18205

          5. “Tonight It’s You” – Blending Fervor and Melody in a Fan-Favorite Banger

          Flick the switch to 1985, because “Tonight It’s You” from “Standing on the Edge” is the track that pulls you — heart-first — into its throbbing core. It’s a Cheap Trick song wired with earnest emotions and wrapped in a shroud of rock goodness.

          • Empassioned Energy: Bringing a rush of blood to the head with Zander’s powerful pipes and the rest of the band’s electrifying instrumentation, “Tonight It’s You” hits like a high-voltage love letter.
          • Stirring Guitar Riffs: The guitar work is a beguiling beast, prowling through the verses with a steely gaze before pouncing with a solo that claws right through the heart.
          • For those craving any sort of Hbo max student discount, let this song be the break you seek – it’s a must-listen with a kick that doesn’t quit.

            Conclusion: Redefining Insane with Cheap Trick’s Musical Mastery

            Marching through the annals of Cheap Trick’s varied and vibrant songbook, we’ve unboxed the insane mastery they wield – an art that flicks a cheeky nod to their own madcap name. This band has laid down the gauntlet in the genre of power-pop, juxtaposing the rough-edged with the finely tuned, all the while maintaining a sanity of sound that compels us forward, song by song.

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            Rock Guitar Bible Great Rock Songs Including Born to be Wild, Day Tripper, Hey Joe, Jailhouse Rock, Midnight Rider, Paranoid, Sultans of Swing, and You Really Got Me


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            From the grit and grime of “He’s a Whore” to the poignant strains of “Mandocello,” or the raucous rebellion of “On Top of the World,” to the unequivocal fervor of “Tonight It’s You,” these tracks are pure, distilled Cheap Trick. They’re not just worth a listen — they demand it. With Cheap Trick ever present, both in the ears of those who’ve grown up with them and the hearts of those who’ve yet to discover their genius, the insanity of their tunes is a groove that refuses to die. So, here’s to Cheap Trick — may their songs continue to ripple out, as the crowd emulates the echo, chanting for more.

            Unbelievably Cool Cheap Trick Songs You Need in Your Life

            Cheap Trick has been around for a hot minute, delivering some crazy good tunes that can set your soul on fire. But, hey, let’s be real—some of their hits are so underrated, it’s like they’ve been hiding under a rock. So, prepare your ears for some serious thrill, ’cause we’re about to dive deep into the world of Cheap Trick songs that are so insane, they’re practically a steal!

            Image 18206

            “I Want You to Want Me” – The Classic That Never Ages

            Alright, first up, let’s talk about the elephant in the room— “I Want You to Want Me.” This tune is the grandaddy of catchy. It’s like, How old Is young dylan? Well, despite the years, some folks just keep getting cooler, and this song? Timeless. So, if you haven’t blasted this track on a road trip yet, you’re missing out, buddy.

            “Surrender” – The Anthem of Teenage Rebellion

            Then we’ve got “Surrender,” the rock ‘n’ roll equivalent of that moment when you realize your parents are weirder than you thought. It’s like discovering your mom and dad are secret fans of Lupin Season 3; a little bit surprising but totally awesome. This song is all about the push and pull of growing up, and man, does it hit the nail on the head.

            “Dream Police” – The Song That Gets Stuck in Your Head

            Oh, “Dream Police.” This one’s got a hook so catchy, it’s like it’s on a mission from the rhythm gods to take over your brain. Just try to get it out of your head. Spoiler: you can’t. It’s like the dream police are actually patrolling your thoughts, making sure you’re thinking of nothing but this tune.

            “Gonna Raise Hell” – Play Loud, Party Hard

            You know when you’re feeling a bit mischievous and all you wanna do is crank the volume up to eleven? “Gonna Raise Hell” is the anthem for those moments. It’s got that pump-you-up energy that’s just perfect for, say, a get-together where you’re not quite ready to chat politics over hors d’oeuvres. You know, like bringing up Donald Trump at the dinner table? No thanks, I’m just here to jam and eat some nachos.

            “Tonight It’s You” – The Underdog Hit

            Last, but not least, let’s shine some light on “Tonight It’s You.” This track is an underdog – kind of like that indie movie you stumble upon and it turns out to be a total masterpiece. It’s got all the feels, the kind that grip your heart and don’t let go. Trust me, give this song a chance and it’ll be like finding a treasure in your own backyard.

            So there you have it, folks! Five cheap trick songs that are crazy good and won’t cost you a dime (well, except maybe some internet data). Go ahead and treat your ears. After all, life’s too short to miss out on tunes like these. Now, what are you waiting for? Crank it up!

            The Essential Cheap Trick

            The Essential Cheap Trick


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            Die-hard collectors and first-time explorers of Cheap Trick’s discography will appreciate the variety of tracks featured on The Essential Cheap Trick. It includes early gems like “Surrender” and “Dream Police” that showcase the band’s blend of pop sensibility with hard-edged rock, alongside lesser-known cuts that demonstrate their depth and musical versatility. The album serves not only as a gateway to the bands classic sound but also as a testament to their enduring legacy in rock music.

            The product packaging of The Essential Cheap Trick mirrors the band’s attention to aesthetic detail, with vintage-inspired artwork that reflects the era of their rise to fame. Inside, listeners will find a booklet containing rare photos, liner notes with insights into the bands history, and personal anecdotes from the members themselves. As a special keepsake for fans, this comprehensive set is the ultimate way to experience the essential tracks that have made Cheap Trick a household name in rock ‘n’ roll history.

            Who is the original singer of Cheap Trick?

            Oh, the original crooner of Cheap Trick’s tunes? That’s Robin Zander, the lead vocalist with the pipes that could make the angels rock out. His voice has been power-boosting their tracks since the get-go!

            Are the original members of Cheap Trick still together?

            Guess what? The gang’s almost all here! Yup, as of my knowledge cutoff in 2023, three of the original Cheap Trick rockers have kept the band’s flame burning. Rick Nielsen’s killer riffs, Tom Petersson’s bass grooves, and Robin Zander’s stellar vocals are still at it, just with Daxx Nielsen hitting the skins since Bun E. Carlos stepped back.

            What is the crowd chanting in Cheap Trick I Want You to Want Me?

            In the live version of “I Want You to Want Me,” the crowd is all fired up, chanting “Cryin’, cryin’, cryin’.” It’s like they can’t get enough, echoing each line with that hungry enthusiasm only a smash hit can stir up.

            What is the meaning of the song Surrender by Cheap Trick?

            Getting to the heart of “Surrender,” well, it’s a cheeky nod to the generational clash of the ’70s. At its core, it’s all about parents and kids swapping secrets, only to find out they’re not as different as they thought. Cheap Trick wraps that revelation in a catchy tune that makes you want to sing along, even if you’ve got nothing to confess!

            Did Cheap Trick ever have a number one song?

            Heavens, yes! These rockers clinched the top spot with “The Flame” in 1988, proving that even after a decade, Cheap Trick still had the magic touch to set the charts on fire.

            Why was Cheap Trick so big in Japan?

            Why was Cheap Trick so big in Japan, you ask? Well, they say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but for these guys, Japan was a thunderstorm of success! Their live album ‘Cheap Trick at Budokan’ captured the electrifying energy and charisma the band brought to the stage, and let me tell you, the Japanese fans went bananas over it!

            What bands did Cheap Trick open for?

            Back in the day, Cheap Trick wasn’t just flying solo—they opened for some of the big dogs. We’re talking legends like Queen, Kiss, and Aerosmith! Talk about being in good company, huh?

            How many originals are in Cheap Trick?

            When it comes to the originals in Cheap Trick, we’re talking a solid trio. Rick, Tom, and Robin are the steadfast veterans who’ve been strumming and humming since day one. Drummer Bun E. Carlos rocked with them for decades but has since passed the sticks to Rick’s son, Daxx.

            When was Cheap Trick popular?

            Cheap Trick caught the big wave of popularity in the late ’70s and early ’80s, man. It was like they found the secret sauce for rock ’n’ roll that had fans head-bopping across the globe!

            What is the biggest hit of Cheap Trick?

            Their biggest hit? No-brainer—it’s “I Want You to Want Me.” This tune was déjà vu in the best way when it hit the airwaves, becoming a fan fav all over again with its live version from ‘Cheap Trick at Budokan.’

            Who writes cheap tricks songs?

            Who’s the wordsmith behind those catchy Cheap Trick songs? None other than guitarist Rick Nielsen! He’s the maestro doodling those sharp-witted lyrics, laced with a splash of punk and a dollop of pop.

            Who wrote the Cheap Trick song I Want You To Want Me?

            Ah, the classic “I Want You To Want Me”—that’s a Rick Nielsen original, folks! He’s the brain behind the bop that had us all wishing someone wanted us as badly as that song.

            Did Cheap Trick write Surrender?

            Did Cheap Trick whip up “Surrender” on their own? You betcha! Rick Nielsen flexed his songwriting muscles once again, delivering this hit straight from the band’s own rock ‘n’ roll kitchen.

            What does Surrender but don’t give yourself away mean?

            That curious little line in “Surrender,” “Surrender but don’t give yourself away,” huh? It’s like a wink and a nudge, saying “Go on, roll with the punches, but hey, keep a little something up your sleeve.” A classic ‘keep your cool’ mantra wrapped in a rock anthem.

            What year did Cheap Trick Surrender come out?

            And “Surrender”? That masterpiece burst onto the scene in 1978. Can you believe it’s been that long since those riffs first spun around the turntable? Time flies, huh?

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