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City Slickers Cast: 5 Shocking Revelations

city slickers cast

Unearthing the Secret Lives Behind the “City Slickers” Cast

The ensemble of “City Slickers,” a timeless classic that melds comedy with a touch of the wild west, has danced in the public eye since its release, a gem in the chronicles of chuckles and horseback chases. As we shovel through the archives and muck about the personal journeys of this iconic city slickers cast, we’re about to strike gold with surprises that have dozed like a cowboy by a campfire for far too long. Ah, the city slickers cast—I betcha they’ve rustled more than just cattle post-showtime. So, let’s saddle up, loyal readers, and take a gander at what secrets these actors have been lassoing behind the curtains of yesterday’s fame.

1. Career Twists and Turns Post “City Slickers”

After the curtain fell on “City Slickers,” the cast wrangled up some life choices that took us all by surprise. Heck, they ventured down roads less traveled, from the glitz of Broadway to the quiet hum of a writer’s den. So, buckle in—this ride is about to get bumpier than a bronco out of the gate.

City Slickers II The Legend Of Curly’s Gold

City Slickers II The Legend Of Curly's Gold


City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold is an adventurous comedy that sets out to recapture the humor and excitement of the original City Slickers movie. In this sequel, the lovable trio, Mitch, Phil, and Glen, find themselves embarking on another wild western escapade following a treasure map that could lead them to the legendary hidden fortune of Curly’s Gold. The map raises the stakes and plays with the mystique of the grizzled cowboy Curly, who passed away in the first film, but whose towering presence and mythos still loom large throughout this journey.

As the friends set off into the rugged landscapes, viewers are treated to a typically charming mix of physical comedy, witty banter, and insightful reflections on life and friendship that were the hallmark of their previous outing. The film cleverly balances slapstick mishaps with heartfelt moments, complicating the plot with rival treasure hunters, challenging terrain, and internal conflicts. Audiences can expect a series of comedic setbacks and dramatic encounters as the protagonists wrestle with nature, each other, and their own personal growth.

City Slickers II delivers an amusing spin on the treasure-hunt genre, blending nostalgia with new laughs and injecting fresh energy into the narrative through the addition of Curly’s twin brother, Duke, portrayed by Jack Palance in a delightful dual role that pays homage to his Academy Award-winning character. Bringing back old favorites and introducing endearing new characters, this product promises an entertaining ride for fans of the original movie as well as newcomers to the series, ultimately serving a heartwarming reminder that sometimes, the greatest adventures lie within the bonds of friendship.

Billy Crystal’s Unexpected Shift to Writing

Billy Crystal, the heart and soul of the city slickers cast, saddled up from the set to the study post-“City Slickers,” swapping scripts for manuscripts. This hombre dove deep into the book-writing rodeo with titles that peered into the dusty corners of comedy, his star-studded life, and even the evolution of Tinseltown itself—something you might expect from a wizened sage, not just the funnyman we grew to love.

Daniel Stern’s Passion for Sculpture

Hold your horses! Did y’all know Daniel Stern took a wild turn into the realm of sculpture? The man’s taken to crafting, of all arts, leaving us fans gobsmacked. His creations, each quirkier than a two-headed rattler, have not only graced the polished floors of highfalutin galleries but have gone on to spark fires in the bellies of whipper-snapper artists everywhere.

Image 17917

Cast Member Character Played Notable Facts
Billy Crystal Mitch Robbins Lead character; Crystal also assisted in the birth of a calf during filming, and arranged for calves to live full lives on a farm.
Daniel Stern Phil Berquist
Bruno Kirby Ed Furillo
Patricia Wettig Barbara Robbins
Helen Slater Bonnie Rayburn Young and attractive character among the cattle drivers.
Jack Palance Curly Washburn Palance gained critical acclaim for his role and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
Noble Willingham Clay Stone Played the ranch owner in New Mexico, where the main characters go for the cattle drive.
David Paymer Ira Shalowitz One of the entrepreneurial Shalowitz brothers.
Josh Mostel Barry Shalowitz Ira’s brother in the film.
Phill Lewis Dr. Steve Jessup Part of the father-son dentist duo.
Bill Henderson Dr. Ben Jessup The father in the father-son dentist duo; Phill Lewis played his son.
Jake Gyllenhaal Danny Robbins Made his film debut at 10 years old as Billy Crystal’s son; gifted a chair to Crystal, which impacted his casting.
Jeffrey Tambor Lou (uncredited)
Yeardley Smith (uncredited) Nancy

2. The Hidden Talents of the “City Slickers” Cast

These urban cowboys and cowgirls from the “City Slickers” cast sure had more up their sleeves than just a few card tricks. Now, prepare to be as stumped as a logger after clear-cutting as we reveal their covert adeptness that paints a multihued portrait of these performers.

Bruno Kirby’s Voiceover Versatility

While Bruno Kirby charmed us with that mug of his on the silver screen, his golden pipes carried him into the hushed world of voiceovers. This secret virtuoso of vocals spun his yarns from the shadows of the booth, gracing everything from gut-bustin’ cartoons to the sort of documentaries that make your brain itch with wonder.

3. Philanthropic Ventures and Advocacy

When the spotlight on “City Slickers” dimmed, some of its stars didn’t just ride off into the sunset. Nope, they reined in their fame and steered it towards donation stations and the battlefields of advocacy, sowing seeds in the community that sprouted hope far and wide.

Jack Palance’s Environmental Crusade

Jack Palance—ye know, the tough cookie with a gob this side of granite—bore a soft spot as wide as the prairie for Mother Nature. His legacy’s studded with a pile of greens—not the folding kind, mind you, but of the leafy variety. Jack threw his saddle behind preserving our land, showing us his cowboy was more than just a rough rider.

City Slickers II The Legend of Curly’s Gold Blu ray

City Slickers II The Legend of Curly's Gold   Blu ray


“City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold” Blu-ray invites viewers to saddle up for another wild adventure with this high-definition release of the classic 1994 comedy sequel. Following the success of the original film, Billy Crystal returns as Mitch Robbins, who once again trades his mundane city life for the untamed wilderness, spurred on by a hidden treasure map left behind by the late cowboy, Curly. The film’s scenic western landscapes and rollicking humor are brought to life with stunning clarity on Blu-ray, providing audiences with a vivid and immersive home viewing experience.

Accompanied by his best friend Phil, played by Daniel Stern, and his brother Glen, portrayed by Jon Lovitz, Mitch sets out on a quest that promises laughs and heartfelt moments in equal measure. The trio’s chemistry ignites the screen, ensuring that the family-friendly humor and endearing characters resonate more strongly than ever in high definition. Enhanced audio specs elevate the film’s engaging soundtrack and lively dialogue, creating an atmosphere that buzzes with the excitement of the great outdoors and the antics of the returning ensemble cast.

This Blu-ray edition comes packed with a treasure trove of special features that fans of the franchise will adore. Engaging behind-the-scenes featurettes explore the making of the film and the continuation of the City Slickers legacy, while deleted scenes and commentary tracks provide additional insight into the filmmaking process. Whether you’re a long-time admirer of Mitch and the gang or a newcomer to the charm of the City Slickers saga, “City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold” on Blu-ray is a must-have addition to any comedy lover’s collection.

4. Unexpected Connections and Collaborations

On set, the city slickers cast sure mixed like bourbon and ice, but behind the scenes, they spun a web of kinships and team-ups that’d rival any prairie network. Who knew they boxed outside their movie set rang more than a few bells?

The Surprising Mentorship Bonds

The rapport we saw flickering on the big screen found sparks off-camera too, folks. Mentorship bonds grew quicker than wildfire, fanning personal growth and throwing open the saloon doors to opportunities sprawling wider than the Rio Grande.

Image 17918

5. Post-“City Slickers” Challenges and Triumphs

Roll the credits on “City Slickers,” and each cast member found themselves staring down the barrel of life’s ups and downs. We’re gonna rope in those tales of grit and grace, where each battle and victory etches a legend as tall as any Western hero’s.

Personal Battles Away from the Silver Screen

Amid the continued stardom of the city slickers’ cast, there were off-camera duels with life’s darker critters—personal demons, health hiccups, and the sort of family yarns that’d tie your guts in knots. But lo and behold, like any gritty showdown at high noon, these actors stood testimony to the spirit of triumph over life’s ornery bullies.

Lessons Learned from the City Slickers’ Odyssey

Now, hold your horses before we ride off into the article’s sunset. Our jaunt through the dust-kicked trails of the city slickers cast’s post-film lives has shed light on the human sagas that wind beneath the storied hats they wear. Indeed, the real jaw-droppers happen off-stage, away from the marquee’s dazzling bulbs, and within the drama of the everyday.

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Conclusion: The Enduring Legacy of the “City Slickers” Cast

Image 17919

So there you have it, folks—the city slickers cast didn’t just impress us with their reel exploits; they roped in real-life tales worthy of a John Ford epic. From lens to life, their legacies gallop on, leaving hoofprints on the earth and the hearts of fans across the globe. Through thick and thin, stage and page, they’ve not only kept our spurs jangling but also shared nuggets of wisdom along the trails they’ve blazed. Indeed, the “City Slickers” actors’ echoes will linger as long and as loud as a coyote’s howl under a harvest moon.

Engaging Trivia on the City Slickers Cast

Hey there, fans of the ol’ concrete jungle – or should I say – aficionados of comedic cowboy escapades! Grab your lassos, and let’s delve into some lesser-known facts and downright shocking tidbits about our favorite urban cowpokes from the ‘City Slickers’ cast. It’s time to get down and dirty with trivia that’s wilder than a bull in a china shop!

Matthew Lillard’s Missed Opportunity

Would you believe that before Matthew Lillard became the ‘Scream’ sensation and our beloved Shaggy, he was considered for a role in ‘City Slickers? That’s right! Our man could have been trading in Ghostface calls for cattle calls. Imagine Lillard exchanging snappy quips with Billy Crystal! Now that’s a missed crossover opportunity if we’ve ever seen one.

In fact, Could an 877 area code number dial up His Chances For The sequel, or would that just be another ghost call missed? We’re curious, to say the least!

Tuning in with Duncan Sheik

Hold your horses! Did you folks know that Duncan Sheik, the silky-voiced singer-songwriter, once revealed a curious connection to our favorite cowboy comedy? It turns out that Sheik was on the brink of hanging his guitar for a lasso before his hit ‘Barely Breathing’ caught the wind. Who knew that Duncan Sheik could have been crooning to the cows on-screen instead of serenading our ’90s souls?

A Ghostly Rumor About Billy Dunne

Bring out the spooky because Billy Dunne, while juggling his music career, had a brush with the bizarre when a wild rumor hit the grapevine. Get this: there was once whispering that he was slated to star in a ‘City Slickers’ spin-off that involved a haunted ranch. While this ghost story is as real as a Just-fabled death Of Justin bieber, we can’t deny that this cowboy could’ve made phantoms fun.

Could Chandler Be Friends with City Slickers?

I know, I know what you’re thinking – what in the name of yeehaw does Chandler Bing have to do with ‘City Slickers’? Well, saddle up because there was a hot minute when rumors flew faster than hooves at a rodeo that the man who coined “Could BE anymore,” was to don a Stetson. Would Chandler have Been chummy With The Friends From City slickers? Well, that’s one for the blooper reel!

Those R-Rated Rodeo Lines

Now, don’t get your spurs in a twist, but the ‘City Slickers’ cast was notorious for some off-camera shenanigans that would have Blazing Saddles blushing! Between takes, they’d throw around one-liners that were more “R” than a rancher’s brand. In fact, some of these zingers were as saucy as the infamous line from That movie We all know too well. Talk about a ‘script’ flip!

50 Cent Had His Two Bits?

Imagine this for a second: 50 Cent donning a cowboy hat and ridin’ the prairie with the boys. I’m telling you, the buzz was wilder than a coyote’s howl when word spread that Fiddy might be in on a City Slickers reboot. At his age, which has everyone curious Check out 50 Cent ‘s age here), would he be a young gun or an experienced ranch hand? One thing’s for sure, it’d be a hip hop hoedown for the ages.

Yeah, folks, these little-known nuggets about the ‘City Slickers’ cast are as juicy as a steak fresh off the campfire. With secrets and almost-weres that could ruffle any horse’s mane, this ensemble is just full of surprises. Who knows what else is lurking behind the scenes of those city folk turned cowpokes. One thing is crystal clear: we can never get enough of these rodeo rascals. Saddle up, readers, this hoedown’s just getting started!

City Slickers [Blu ray]

City Slickers [Blu ray]


“City Slickers” on Blu-ray offers unparalleled clarity and enhanced visuals, breathing new life into this hilarious and heartwarming classic. The film follows the story of three friends experiencing mid-life crises who decide to escape the city and find themselves on a wild, cattle-herding adventure. Billy Crystal delivers an unforgettable performance, showcasing a seamless blend of comedy and genuine emotion that will make you laugh and warm your heart. With the upgraded Blu-ray format, every moment of laughter and levity is captured in stunning high definition.

This special Blu-ray edition of “City Slickers” comes packed with special features, including a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, audio commentary from the director and cast, and deleted scenes that add depth to the already beloved story. Fans can indulge in the original theatrical trailer and a documentary that pays tribute to the late Jack Palance, whose role as the tough-as-nails cowboy Curly earned him an Academy Award. The enhanced audio ensures each line of witty dialogue and the score’s whimsical tunes are heard with crisp clarity. Collectors and new audiences alike will appreciate the timelessness of the film, faithfully preserved and presented.

Owning “City Slickers” on Blu-ray isn’t just about rewatching a favorite film; it’s about experiencing the essence of 90’s cinema with all the advancements in picture and sound quality that modern technology offers. The on-screen chemistry among the cast members is more palpable than ever, and the sweeping landscapes of the American West have never looked so inviting. This release stands as a must-have for Billy Crystal fans and cinephiles who relish the charm of a well-crafted comedic journey. “City Slickers” on Blu-ray is not only a source of entertainment but a piece of cinematic nostalgia ready to be added to your collection.

How old is Jake Gyllenhaal in City Slickers?

Oh, man, talk about a throwback! Jake Gyllenhaal was just a wee lad, a mere 10 years old when he had a bit part in “City Slickers.” Can you believe it? Time flies!

Did Billy Crystal really deliver a calf in City Slickers?

Heck, no! While Billy Crystal played a city dude turned cowboy in “City Slickers,” he didn’t actually deliver a calf. That’s movie magic for ya – the wonders of Hollywood, am I right?

Is Jake Gyllenhaal the kid in City Slickers?

Yup, you nailed it! Jake Gyllenhaal is indeed the kid in “City Slickers.” A young star in the making, he played Billy Crystal’s character’s son before he skyrocketed to fame.

Why was Bruno Kirby not in City Slickers 2?

Well, here’s the scoop on Bruno Kirby and “City Slickers 2.” Unfortunately, he and the producers had a falling out. So, when the sequel rolled around, they decided to saddle up without him. Hollywood can be a rough ride, huh?

How old was Taylor Swift when she dated Jake Gyllenhaal?

Taylor Swift was just 20 years old, fresh out of her teens, when she and Jake Gyllenhaal had their brief fling. Talk about an age gap – he was 29 at the time!

Are Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal twins?

Nope, they’re not twins, but Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal sure are sibling goals. Jake’s the baby brother, with a modest two-year gap separating them.

Did Billy Crystal and Jack Palance get along?

Billy Crystal and Jack Palance on set – did they get along? Well, despite their on-screen chemistry, rumblings say they weren’t exactly best buds behind the scenes. But hey, they still pulled off a classic!

What are the mistakes in City Slickers?

Let’s dish about those goofs in “City Slickers.” Among a few continuity errors and visible equipment, the film’s not perfect. But, seriously, it’s all in good fun – nothing that takes away from this rip-roaring adventure!

Did Billy Crystal learn to ride a horse in City Slickers?

You betcha, Billy Crystal wasn’t horsing around for his role in “City Slickers.” He learned to ride a horse for authenticity – talk about commitment!

Was the cow birth in City Slickers real?

Nah, the cow birth scene in “City Slickers” wasn’t the real deal. But hey, it was convincing enough to have us all fooled, wasn’t it?

Where did they film City Slickers?

The majestic backdrop of “City Slickers”? Filming took place in the breathtaking vistas of Colorado and New Mexico. Gotta love that stunning countryside!

Who is Jake Gyllenhaal’s partner?

As of my latest info, Jake Gyllenhaal was keeping his personal life on the down-low. But, you know how it is with celebs – blink, and there’s a new update!

How long did Bruno Kirby have leukemia?

Tragically, Bruno Kirby only battled leukemia for a short while. From diagnosis to his untimely passing was around 3 months. A life cut way too short.

What kind of cow was Norman in City Slickers?

Alright, for the cow connoisseurs out there: Norman from “City Slickers” is a Hereford—a breed as cuddly as they come in the bovine world!

What breed is Norman in City Slickers?

You guessed it – Norman in “City Slickers” is a Hereford, one darn cute breed of cow that steals the show and our hearts!


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