Flamethrowers that may be purchased and flamethrowers that can be made

Flamethrowers that may be purchased and flamethrowers that can be made

Byzantine empire navy navies created the first known flamethrower in 672. The weapon was called “Greek Fire” because it would produce a substance similar to napalm. As technology improved, other cultures such as the Chinese or the Vikings would develop their own versions. In 1901, the Germans created the “flammenwerfer”, which would be used in both World Wars. Modern warfare made flamethrower technology obsolete with the invention of gunpowder.

Flamethrowers still look cool. It is the coolest weapon known to man and must be used in every zombie game.

Yes, Elon Musk’s trademark “Not A Flamethrower” is courtesy of The Boring Company. Tesla-Musk, however, isn’t known for executing on spur-of the-moment plans. His 2019 attempt to create a metro train that is currently retrying, recent SpaceX failure launches and the turbulent saga of buying Twitter are just a few examples. His flamethrower is a far cry from real flamethrowers.

DriveTanks.com‘s 2018 Youtube video shows weapons testers comparing two flamethrowers from The Boring Company. They used an XM34 flamethrower, and an M9 military torchthrower. Both flamethrowers are exponentially more powerful than the Boring flamethrower. It is, however, better suited to creme brulee.

Contrary to popular belief flamethrowers can be legally purchased in 48 states. Most retailers will ship to these locations. You can get a flamethrower from any retailer if you have a valid pyrotechnics licence. You may be required to sign a waiver of liability by some sellers.

You might not think that this is a great idea, but you may be wrong when you click the checkout button. Flamethrowers can be quite expensive. There are alternatives to flamethrowers that cost less than $700, but it might be worth doing some MacGyvering.

A video from TKOR (The King of Random) shows that the channel’s hosts are seasoned professionals in creating random contraptions for a 12.6 million-strong audience. For the sake of cheap irony, one of the budget flamethrowers is made from a fire extinguisher. The process is simple: buy an extinguisher and empty it out. Next, insert a tire valve (for filling the extinguisher with pressure) and then add fuel to the extinguisher. To hold a flammable item such as a candle, you can either use a lighter or attach a copper tube to the side of your extinguisher.

Although it is not as easy as you might think, it will do the job perfectly. If you are willing to do some tinkering, it will save you hundreds of bucks. You can save tons of money and don’t need to support Elon Musk. Plus, you can still destroy things. Enjoy roasting.


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