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Does the Way You Dress Affect How You Feel? Investigate the Influence of Fashion

Does the Way You Dress Affect How You Feel Investigate the Influence of Fashion

Do you ever wonder why you feel great you put on your favorite jeans? This could cause you to wonder if your clothing impacts how you think and feel, and your behavior and performance.

Many people put extra effort into dressing for special occasions, but most of them are in a dilemma between dressing up and feeling guilty for wanting to. Some people don’t put much thought or effort on their attire.

However, recent research and studies suggest that there is something else. According to science it is possible to help you stand out when interacting in your social, personal, as well as professional.

There’s a certain truth in sayings such as ‘look good, feel good. Your dress affects your personality, behavior, confidence, attitude, and mood. In case you’re looking for the exact term, the one for this is known as enclothed cognition.

Enclothed Cognition

The term enclothed cognition is a reference to the effect that your clothing has on various mental processes. Most commonly, these include self-evaluation, interpersonal interaction emotional state, and attitude. Enclothed cognition is a result of the significance behind various types of clothing in the society.

The culture tells you that certain attires are more sophisticated and powerful than other. However, there are certain styles that are interesting and enjoyable. This is the reason your mind starts evaluating the persona and fashion preferences of a person you just met.

Clothing and events allow us to assess ourselves as well as others. It’s natural for people to judge their personal appearance and character based on what they’re wearing. This can be a direct result of how an outfit makes you feel at a given moment.

The notion of clothed cognition is that your experience of the clothes you wear can affect your behavior and attitude.

What do clothes say about your thoughts?

Dressing well is crucial to your confidence and self-confidence. Your clothing does not only reflect your personality but can also transmit signals to your brain. It could even influence your thought process.

One research study about the effects of professional attire on how you think has suggested that professional clothing encourages abstract thinking. Because it establishes boundaries between social groups and distance, it also increases your ability to think in more abstract and distant concepts.

Your decision-making style will be affected by formal attire. Also your tie and suit might be providing you with more perspective and could assist you in getting promoted.

The same study also discovered that students who have more formal education to college exhibit a higher tendency to think abstractly.


The process of thin-slicing is one that helps deal with visual details instantaneously. Simply put it provides you with an impression, gut feeling, or intuition about the subject or object.

The brain responds to new stimulus in a matter of milliseconds. Have you ever felt that someone is more stable and trustworthy than another? This is why you look at books by their cover.

Thin-slicing means that you need to be careful about the way you present yourself. Your clothes are also important. Keep in mind that the world is a stage, and how you dress can impact the role you play.

Let’s examine the effect certain clothes can influence your attitude.

Gym Clothes

What are you going to do on days when you’re lacking motivation to work out? Put on your workout clothes to set your mind. You’ll feel more motivated to exercise as you put on your gym clothes. Why is that?

It may be because your clothes for gym set the mood and act as a reminder to stay fit. If you wear an outfit, it instantly changes your mood and sets you up for a specific function.


Your clothing can affect your behavior, attitude, and even your thinking. Uniforms are clothing that is connected to certain roles and expected behavior. Uniforms can help you to be more knowledgeable about your work.

It makes you feel more responsible, which will help you be more aware of what you’re required to do. Your coat may also inspire you to pay more attention to the work at hand so you make fewer mistakes and errors.

Children in school also have to understand the psychological value of wearing uniforms. Numerous studies prove that uniforms make children more productive. The uniforms make the school more important and valuable for the children.


What makes that you’re dressed to be successful when you put on a well-tailored jacket? Have you ever heard of the phrase dress for the job you’d like to do, not the job you have?’ It seems like formal dressing can make a huge impression on how you think and how you perceive your job or business.

Structured clothes and office wear like suits and dress shirts have the power to put your thoughts in the correct place for you to begin working. The powerful clothes will help you feel more secure, confident and at ease. Many people refer to this as”power clothing”.

Wearing powerful clothing releases certain chemical substances in the brain to can help you show your dominance. This makes you more effective in negotiations and a abstract thinker.

Try it for yourself

You now know the impact clothing can have on your mood and thought process. Here are some suggestions on how you can try different pieces. This will improve your mood and assist you to get more success in both your professional and personal lives.


Colors are associated with specific meanings and can boost your mood quickly. So, you can choose the right colors to guide your behavior, emotions and confidence.

  • Yellow and bright colors can make you feel joyful.
  • Blue is a colour that symbolizes serenity and professionalism. It also develops a sense of trust
  • A darker shade of blue symbolizes consistency and reliability.
  • Red is a color that can make you feel energized and sexually attractive, so don’t hesitate to wear red when you’re looking to feel sexually attractive
  • The black color will give you the feeling of power and control
  • Purple is a symbol of spirituality and mysticism.
  • Brown is a color that can help you feel more grounded and appear more solid
  • Orange is a fruit that emits a jovial energy
  • Pink dresses can make you feel more romantic
  • White is the most effective color for maintaining a positive and positive emotional and mental state
  • Green is a soothing color and healing properties.


The fabrics you wear can also transform your approach and outlook.

  • Wool and cotton fabrics promote a calmer attitude, which helps to bring a more relaxed attitude to life.
  • Silk and other fabrics that are soft against your skin can boost your mood and reduce stress.

Prints and embellishments

We’ll move on to embellishments and prints. These elements can regulate your emotions.

  • You can feel filled with excitement, joy and happiness when you put on sequins and other ornaments.
  • Animal prints such as stripes of tigers can help create whimsical feelings

Bottom line

Your mood determination, motivation, confidence and your behavior throughout the day could be affected by how you dress and the type of you wear. Colors and styles can have an impact on your thinking and make a difference in how you feel. This makes it important to select your clothes with care.


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