INXS: A Deep Dive into Rock Legends


Unveiling the Legacy of INXS: Beyond the Music

INXS, a name synonymous with rock excellence, carved their niche in music history with a blend of funk, new wave, and raw rock energy. Emerging from the bustling Aussie music scene, this ensemble wasn’t content with mediocrity – they were shooting for the stars and, boy, did they reach them.

The Genesis of INXS: From Sydney Bars to Global Stardom

Life in the Sydney bar scene of the 1970s was electrifying yet cutthroat. It was here that INXS, initially known as The Farriss Brothers, cut their teeth, mixing sweat with melodies night after night.

  • In their formative years, they built a fierce reputation, and life’s recipe seasoned their sound from straightforward pub rock to the sophisticated, genre-bending flair we know today.
  • Blending rock with a dash of the groove, INXS hit upon an infectious sound. Were they rock? Dance? New Wave? They were all that and more, and their ability to slide between genres is what set the stage for their global takeover.
  • Their music was a melting pot, as diverse as the Australian cultural landscape. Gravitating around the sun-kissed vibes of their homeland, their tunes subtly echoed the influences of the greats like Carole King, adding to their distinctive sound.

    The Best of INXS

    The Best of INXS


    “The Best of INXS” is a definitive collection that celebrates the legacy of one of Australia’s most iconic and revered rock bands. This compilation features a carefully curated selection of the band’s most celebrated hits, showcasing the remarkable range and depth of their musical talent. From the hauntingly melodic strains of “Never Tear Us Apart” to the driving rock anthem “Need You Tonight,” each track captures the energy and spirit that INXS is known for. Fans old and new will relish the opportunity to experience the evolution of the band’s sound across decades of groundbreaking music.

    Encapsulating the raw charisma of late frontman Michael Hutchence, “The Best of INXS” offers a sonic journey through the band’s prolific career. The album includes unforgettable saxophone solos, foot-tapping basslines, and distinctive guitar riffs that have become synonymous with the INXS brand. It brings listeners up close and personal with the band’s fusion of rock, new wave, and funk elements, highlighted through songs like “Original Sin” and “What You Need.” The mastering of the tracks has been meticulously executed, ensuring that every nuance and emotion in the music is as impactful as it was in live performances.

    As a tribute to their international acclaim, “The Best of INXS” not only contains their chart-topping hits but also features lesser-known gems that demonstrate the band’s versatility and innovative spirit. The accompanying liner notes include insightful commentary on the backstory and cultural impact of each song, penned by music critics and those who were close to the band. This album is not merely a collection of songs, but a narrative of INXS’s journey, encapsulating the essence of an era where they shaped the musical landscape. “The Best of INXS” is an indispensable addition to the collection of any music aficionado looking to immerse themselves in the timeless allure of one of rock’s most dynamic ensembles.

    Breakthrough and Ascendancy: The Albums That Defined INXS

    Let’s not mince words – INXS delivered albums that still echo through time. Albums that didn’t just climb charts but smashed through them with the ferocity of a freight train. We’re talking the golden era of vinyl, where every drop of wax was precious.

    • Their seminal albums were like meticulous escapades into sonic brilliance. We’re talking “Kick,” the behemoth that catapulted them, with “Need You Tonight” scaling the Billboard heights.
    • Peek behind the curtain, and you’d find a band and production team in lockstep, each chord and chorus a product of collective genius. Their studio magic was no accident; it was carefully crafted brilliance, guided by the visions of producers who knew just how to bottle that INXS lightning.
    • From Sydney’s hidden gems to conquering the world, their journey mirrored a modern-day Odyssey, trading treacherous seas for waves of adoring fans.

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      Michael Hutchence: The Charismatic Frontman of INXS

      Oh, Michael Hutchence. Charisma made flesh, the man was a storm with skin on. In Hutchence, INXS found not just a voice, but a soul-stirring embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll.

      • He was the band’s compass, their wild heart, setting stages ablaze with his presence alone.
      • Hutchence’s appeal was magnetic; he oozed a mystique that was irresistible, adding an essential layer to the luster of INXS. It’s as if every lyric he crooned was dipped in pure seduction.
      • But the chemistry between him and the band? That was the real romance. They moved as one, a synergy that sparked creativity and pushed boundaries, each member’s contribution shining as bright as Iron Maiden’s legacy.

        The INXS Sound: A Dissection of Their Musical Innovation

        Breaking down INXS is akin to unraveling a musical riddle wrapped in a mystery layer of groove. Their sound was smart, sassy, and utterly compelling.

        • We’re talking guitar licks that stick like honey, saxophone cries that haunt your dreams, and rhythms that could jolt the dead back to life.
        • Case in point: “Devil Inside.” Strip it back, delve deep, and you glimpse their masterpiece; a track where every beat, strum, and note was a deliberate stroke of genius.
        • Their innovation was a gift to rock ‘n’ roll, a fresh twist within a genre begging for evolution.




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          Behind the Scenes: The Role of Producers and Collaborators in Crafting the INXS Mystique

          Dive into the story of INXS, and you find a cavalcade of creative minds all in cahoots to stir the pot of potential.

          • Crafty producers, sound wizards really, weren’t merely button-pushers but co-conspirators in the quest for quintessential INXS gold. They were like the scent to a perfume bottle, invisible yet vital.
          • Collaborations with the stupendous likes of Sonny & Cher reinforced their artistic breadth, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of musical nirvana.
          • It was a synergy of minds and talents that designed their mythos, each album a new chapter in the tale of INXS.

            Image 7517

            Triumph and Tragedy: The Highs and Lows of INXS’s Journey

            Make no mistake, INXS rode waves higher than most could fathom, achieving dizzying successes that most bands could only sketch in dreams. Yet, their journey was a cavalcade of peaks and valleys.

            • They soared and scorched the skies, yet faced trials that would test the mettle of any soul. Controversies and challenges? Buddy, they had their share. But they clung to each other like brothers in arms.
            • The crushing blow came with Hutchinson’s untimely goodbye. The world seemed to spin off its axis – they were, as they said, “lost right at the moment we were on top.” A shimmering tale, so abruptly halted, left fans and the band grappling with an impossible reality.
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              The INXS Legacy: Influence on Future Generations of Musicians

              Legacies aren’t about the echoes of yesterday; they’re the blueprint for tomorrow. And INXS? They sketched the treasure map for countless musical adventurers to follow.

              • The threads of their influence run deep, woven into the very fabric of countless acts who tip their hats – be it in rhythm, lyric, or sheer attitude. Theirs is a sound that refuses to quieten, a beacon across the stormy seas of the rock genre.
              • And amidst the roaring torrents of the digital age, INXS remains omnipresent. With streaming, their tunes are just a click away, throbbing through speakers and into the hearts of a new generation.
              • INXS Today: The Band’s Presence in the Current Music Panorama

                Even now, without the magnetic Hutchence, INXS has morphed and melded with the times. Ciaran Gribbin’s arrival heralded a new dawn; different perhaps, but INXS at its core.

                • Their journey continues, undeterred by the hard knocks of fate. Tours unfurl, tracks enchant anew, with a legacy that refuses to dim.
                • Fan culture has morphed with the times too. Social media now the campfire around which INXS tales are told, the community’s heart beating strong with every shared memory and riff revisited.
                • Exploring the Visual Art of INXS: Music Videos and Stage Performances

                  Never overlook the power of sight when it comes to INXS. Their flair for the visual was no less than their music; transformative and consuming.

                  • Iconic music videos? INXS had them in spades, visual feasts that were as much about the aesthetic as they were the sound. These were not mere performances; they were calls to arms, enticing viewers to join the dance.
                  • Behind these artful concoctions were visionaries, directors and crews whose creative fires burned as bright as the bands they worked with. It was a collaborative explosion that defined careers and left footprints in the sands of music history.
                  • The Future Resonance of INXS: Preserving a Rock Legacy

                    The beat goes on for INXS, with their story still unfolding in the hands of those they inspired.

                    • Tributes pour in like tributaries into a mighty river, carrying their name, their sound, their essence forward. Covers infuse the airwaves with a nostalgia that’s as fresh as it is venerable.
                    • The media drinks it up, a thirsty hound for all things INXS, ensuring that their tale is told, retold, and enshrined in the annals of rock history. Every documentary, every biopic adds another layer to their undying saga.
                    • And let’s not forget the memorabilia – the tangible mementos of a love affair between band and fan that spans continents, decades, and dimensions.

                      Image 7518

                      The Everlasting Impact of INXS: Echoing Through Decades

                      Weaving through the fabric of cultural consciousness, INXS remains an ineffable force, a band whose very essence seems to ripple with a life of its own.

                      • Musicians, critics, and fans alike doff their caps, acknowledging the significant plot INXS claims on the grand tapestry of music lore.
                      • It’s something about their spirit, their bravado – the sheer, unadulterated INXS-ness of it all – that ensures their story is not just heard, but felt. It is this ineffable je ne sais quoi that continues to win hearts and shape dreams.
                      • INXS was never merely a band. They were, and continue to be, the architects of a sound that didn’t just mark an era – they transcended it, laying down a legacy as potent and undeniable as the beats that drove their biggest hits. Their journey, with all its twists, triumphs, and tragedies, reverberates with an intensity that reaches far beyond the written note, out into the realm of legend. INXS, to put it simply, is forever.

                        INXS Story to Story The Official Autobiography

                        INXS Story to Story The Official Autobiography


                        INXS Story to Story: The Official Autobiography is an enthralling memoir that offers fans a backstage pass to the illustrious journey of one of the world’s greatest rock bands—INXS. This comprehensive narrative takes readers on an intimate tour through the band’s meteoric rise, the peaks of their global superstardom, and the tragic downfall following the untimely death of their charismatic lead singer, Michael Hutchence. Diving deep into the heart of their music, the autobiography reveals fascinating, behind-the-scenes stories about the creation of their biggest hits, the tours that electrified millions, and personal anecdotes never before shared with the public.

                        Crafted with the full collaboration of the surviving band members, Story to Story is rich with anecdotes that capture the spirit and essence of INXS. Each chapter resonates with authenticity as it reflects on the unique bond between the bandmates, their artistic collaborations, and the challenges they faced together. The autobiography is not just a chronicle of their professional milestones but also a reflection of their personal dynamics, triumphs, and struggles within the high-pressure music industry.

                        The book serves as both a memorial to Michael Hutchence’s legendary life and an enduring testament to the band’s legacy in the pantheon of rock music. Loaded with vivid photography and rare memorabilia, it offers an immersive visual experience complementing the raw, honest storytelling from the band themselves. INXS Story to Story: The Official Autobiography is an essential read for fans old and new alike, epitomizing the true spirit of rock and roll forged through the camaraderie, creativity, and resilience of one of Australia’s most iconic bands.

                        What happened to the new lead singer of INXS?

                        Oh, you’ve missed a beat there! The new lead singer of INXS has been a bit of a musical chair since their iconic frontman, Michael Hutchence, passed away. After reality show winner J.D. Fortune took a spin, and a few others stepped up to the mic, the band has since stepped back from the spotlight with no permanent replacement.

                        What was INXS number one song?

                        Hold on to your hats, folks! INXS’s number one song that sent fans spinning was “Need You Tonight,” and boy, did it sizzle! This catchy tune snagged the top spot on the Billboard charts back in 1988, making everyone groove to its infectious beat.

                        Who was the lead singer of INXS?

                        Ah, Michael Hutchence—the heart and soul of INXS! With his sultry voice and magnetic stage presence, Hutchence led the Aussie rockers to international fame until his tragic passing in 1997.

                        What nationality is the band INXS?

                        Mate, INXS is as Aussie as a kangaroo at a barbecue! These rock legends hail from Down Under, and they’ve been spreading that Aussie charm all over the globe since they hit the scene in ’77.

                        How old was Michael Hutchence of INXS when he died?

                        Michael Hutchence, INXS’s charismatic frontman, was just 37 years young when he tragically left the stage for the last time. His untimely death in ’97 left the music world reeling and fans heartbroken.

                        Who sang with INXS after Michael Hutchence died?

                        After Hutchence’s untimely departure, INXS kept the music playing with several guest singers, including Terence Trent D’Arby and Jon Stevens. But it was J.D. Fortune who landed the gig full-time after winning the reality show “Rock Star: INXS.”

                        Were INXS the biggest band in the world?

                        Were INXS the biggest band in the world? Well, they were definitely up there, folks! With a string of hits and sell-out tours, they rocked the ’80s and ’90s. At their peak, they were kings of the music jungle, giving the big guns a run for their money.

                        What was INXS first hit?

                        Rocking their way onto the music scene, INXS’s first big hit that got everyone listening was “What You Need” in 1985. Talk about a breakout song! This track had fans everywhere cranking up their radios and hitting the dance floor.

                        What was the biggest crowd INXS played to?

                        The biggest crowd INXS ever electrified was a whopping 74,000 fans at the iconic Wembley Stadium in 1991. That concert was one for the books—a sea of people all there for some good old rock ‘n’ roll.

                        Who inherited Michael Hutchence money?

                        When it came to Michael Hutchence’s fortune, well, that’s a sticky wicket. His daughter, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, and other family members were, at one point, reported to be the beneficiaries, but there’s been quite the tangle over his estate.

                        Who was Michael Hutchence married to?

                        Michael Hutchence was never officially hitched, but he was in a long-term love affair with British TV presenter Paula Yates. They had a whirlwind romance that sadly ended with his death and her passing just three years later.

                        Where is Michael Hutchence buried at?

                        Michael Hutchence, INXS’s beloved lead singer, was laid to rest at Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens in Sydney. Fans still visit to pay tribute to the star who burned too bright and too fast.

                        Why was INXS called INXS?

                        Why was INXS called INXS? Well, it’s a groovy tale! They wanted a name as cool as XTC but more, you know, in excess. So, they spun that into INXS, and the rest is rock history!

                        What does Michael Hutchence daughter do?

                        What’s Michael Hutchence’s daughter up to these days? Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof, as quietly intriguing as her name, has grown up far from the limelight, diving into her passions and studies. She’s keeping it low-key, which is pretty cool given the glitzy world she hails from.

                        Is INXS still performing?

                        Let’s face it, INXS without Hutchence just hasn’t been the same. The band hasn’t officially called it quits, but they’re not lighting up stages like in the good old days. Seems like they’ve taken a step back, but you never know when the rock bug will bite again!


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