Korean fashion designer MLMA elevates the art of accessorizing (and altering) to a whole new plane

High fashion fashion can reach extremes in order to be different from other brands. If you aren’t making knockoffs from popular brands, then you’re making “fully demolished” shoes like Balenciaga. South Korean artist MLMA found a way for her to look unique and completely original.

MLMA stands as Me Love Me A Lot. There aren’t many details about it. Although her real name has been claimed by some publications as Baek Yeejin (some sources don’t confirm this), it is not known what her real name is. Her Wikipedia only gives an approximate date of her birth and she has not been interviewed for more than one 2018 Vogue interview. It is possible that she could be pregnant with Post Malone, although that has not been confirmed.

Instead, she let her style and music speak for itself. It has grown in popularity in recent years. Makeup has been an integral part the beauty industry for decades. MLMA was a key player in 2017’s conversation when she posted a selfie showing off a “wavy eyebrow” look.

In an interview with Vogue, MLMA explained that she had done it two years ago. “Then I did it again last Summer when I was high,” she said. “I posted it because I thought that it was hilarious and it then went viral.”

Her Instagram has only gone back to 2018 since the original post was deleted. Since then her Instagram posts and looks are more avant-garde. Notably, she was seen at 2018 Paris Fashion Week with a replica head of herself as a prop. It was an unusual accessory and it continues to be a trend. Her posts often feature bizarre body imagery. She may have multiple sets or eyes on her face. Or she might pose next to photoshop anime characters or body duplicates.

Skoot, which she co-founded in 2009, is a luxury streetwear brand. Her signature look is a completely plain piece of clothing with no cryptic markings. Rosalia, Billie Eilish (of Grimes fame), and Rosalia all wore it.

Did we also mention that she is a musician? Her music is a mix of electronic music, rap, and Kpop. It’s an in-your-face, industrial-based style that she calls her own. The music video is quirky and filled with her bright, unusual designs.

It can be exhausting trying to balance an online audience, a streetwear company, and a career in music, while simultaneously being pregnant. But, it’s clear that she is not doing anything she does not want to do. In 2020, Crocs(tm), Kentucky Fried Chicken asked her to be their face. It features a Croc shaped like the KFC bucket. The platform model is also available. This might help you to see that she is committed only to something that she finds creative, interesting, and fun. You shouldn’t expect this artist, who is a master of the absurd and grotesque, to be selling out any time soon.


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