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Learn to Outsmart Your Own Brain So You Can Get More Done

Learn to Outsmart Your Own Brain So You Can Get More Done

If you have been in a situation where you feel like your brain is pulling you back, you are not the only one. A lot of people find themselves in this situation since they find it hard to begin something that they would like to do. It’s difficult to stay in the right mindset and focus on an undertaking, no matter when you’re starting.

Distractions are becoming more attractive nowadays. Human brains seem to love being distracted. If it’s not it was, it wouldn’t be difficult to focus on one task at a time , and then complete it.

Everybody has been through this productivity block at one point or another all the smartest and hardestworking people. It’s not necessary to feel shamed or embarrassed about it. It is important to learn how to use your brain’s power to perform the tasks you need.

You don’t need to have a lot of resources or even time. You already have all the equipment you require to outsmart your own brain. Here are a few methods you can achieve this.

First, learn to manage stress

You might not be aware of this that the pressure you face everyday is affecting your brain in a negative manner. You don’t have to take action to be stressed, but it can lead to anxiety, depression, lazy, and lack of motivation.

If your body and mind have been experiencing the symptoms of stress, you will begin to fight with your brain to focus on what you have to do. It will be tempting to delay your task and feel punished if you fail to complete the task.

You can stop this problem by learning stress management techniques to relax your mind and help you become more productive. A few ways to handle stress include:


It is not necessary to attend classes in the gym. YouTube has many yoga-related videos that can help you to relax your mind.

In the gym

The presence of other people in the gym will provide you with a the feeling of belonging, and as you stretch those muscles and your brain is recharged, which will show in your work.

Record your feelings in writing

As simple as this might sound, it has helped a lot of people relieve stress and could assist you too. List the things that bother you and then burn them to let go.

Take a break when you can

Stress can be caused by the stress of working too hard. Find a way to relax and be kind to yourself.

Find solutions to your own personal problems

For many people, their inability to perform at work is a consequence of their unstable private lives. The brain wants your problems to be cured, so if are constantly fighting your mind to focus on work, there’s a pain you have not solved.

It is possible to take breaks from the book that you are struggling to read. After that, you can address the issues you are having. Return to the book to check the way your brain can absorb what you be reading.

If you are not at a mutually acceptable level with a loved one this is considered to be pain in this instance and could make your brain work against you. In this case, you can send a text message if you can’t call the person. It will make you feel more at peace and you will be able work.

You will outsmart you no matter what job or cause you’re trying to accomplish.

Discuss your ideas with people who will critique it

You might feel discouraged or self-conscious should you be the subject of harsh criticisms. Yet, you are able to take advantage of it to beat your brain and become more effective than you’ve ever been.

The human brain is able to see what it is able to see — what it thinks should be visible This is the reason groups of people may listen to the same speech at the same time, but understand it in different ways.

It is because your brain is focused on a particular way to see a topic or in this instance the way a task ought to appear.

You can benefit from this unique bias that every brain has, and use it to become more effective and efficient. This can be done by sharing with someone else the plans you have for something you are struggling with.

Their completely different view can open your eyes to more innovative techniques that you might not have noticed by yourself.

Do not think too much

Overthinking happens unconsciously when people are faced with difficulties or any type of block, but there are people who opt to analyze things every time trying to find a way out of a difficulty. This is not the right way to do it.

This can only increase your stress and burdens your brain. If that weren’t enough, frustration can result from focusing too much on your thoughts. This can cause your brain to work against you.

Pause if you are feeling overwhelmed or angry. It’s not necessary to think of something completely different. Taking a break can allow your brain to relax through letting you watch films, chat with friends, or rest.

The goal is to eliminate that difficult task from your mind and you’re at liberty to utilize any method for doing this, so that when you return to the task at hand, your brain will be at peace and more efficient.


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