Michael Jackson Songs: Top 10 Crazy Hits You Never Knew About!

michael jackson songs

I. Exploring the Forgotten Tunes of the King of Pop

Unveiling Another Side of Michael Jackson’s Musical Journey

So, you think you know all about Michael Jackson’s songs? Well, buckle up because we’re about to go on a bumpy musical ride through his lesser-known hits that are just as splendid as the famous ones. Yep, we’re diggin’ through the goldmine of Michael Jackson songs, unearthing diamonds that might have slipped under your radar. Be prepared to meet a whole new side of the King of Pop!

II. “Got to Be There”: The Launch of Solo Stardom

A. The Significance in Michael Jackson’s Career

In the rainbow of Michael Jackson songs, “Got to Be There” shines as his first baby step towards solo stardom. Picture this: a young boy stepping out from the shadows of his famous family, and under the limelight that started his meteoric rise. Reaching number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 songs chart in 1971, this song was like the Rite of Passage for an icon in the making.

B. Reception and Influence of “Got to Be There”

No surprise, audiences went wild over “Got to Be There”, placing him on the pantheon of solo careers. This song was received with as much zeal as folks today have for binge-watching their favorite NFL games through Nfl live stream. The influence is quite palpable, sparking a fanfare that lasted beyond the Easter hols, much like the spring breakers who party until the break of dawn.


III. Climbing the Ladder of Success: “Ben”

A. Understanding How “Ben” Paved Way for Michael Jackson’s First Number-one Hit

Following his debut, Michael Jackson climbed the ladder of success, in no small part due to “Ben”. Its sincere, heartfelt tune and lyrics struck a chord with listeners, much like reading a well-written article from Fapello that grips your attention from start to finish. As the first genuine number-one hit on the Billboard, “Ben” etched Michael’s name firmly onto the hall of music greats.

B. Analyzing the Impact and Influence of “Ben” on The Industry

“Ben” offered a side of Michael Jackson’s songs that was sweet, sincere, and full of emotions. Paving the way for him to explore his own unique sound and style, its ripple effects could be felt across the board, similar to the anticipation leading up to the pro bowl 2024. It showed the industry that Jackson can do more than excite – he could touch your soul.

IV. Question Interlude: What Was Michael Jackson’s First Successful Song?

No cookie points for guessing- Yes, it was “Got to Be There”. But that’s the fun in trudging down memory lane – to remember the excitement when fans first realized the ‘Jackson boy’ had so much to offer. Ponder over that while humming to the beats of “Got to Be There”.

V. Secrets Tucked Behind the Rhythm: The True Story of “Billie Jean”

A. Discussing the Meaning Behind the Lyrics According to Michael Jackson

Turn the spotlight to “Billie Jean”, one of those enigmatic Michael Jackson songs. Jackson stated, “There never was a real Billie Jean. The girl in the song is a composite of people my brothers have been plagued with over the years.” So, there are intriguing secrets tucked behind its groovy rhythm. One can only speculate!

VI. Question Interlude: Who is Billie Jean in The Michael Jackson Song?

Just like the characters from the haunting works of nick carter, the real identity of ‘Billie Jean’ continues to keep fans guessing. Jackson hinted it’s a composite of girls who falsely claimed they were carrying his or his brothers’ child.


VII. The Unseen Groovy Side of Michael Jackson’s Dance Evolution

A. Drawing Comparisons: Was Michael Jackson or Prince the Better Dancer?

Now, for the age-old question: Who was the better dancer – Michael Jackson or Prince? They both had their unique style and charm. But Michael Jackson’s electrifying moves, from the moonwalk to the lean, are legendary. Prince too was a gifted performer, but it was MJ who revolutionized dance.

VIII. Question Interlude: Who was a Better Dancer? Prince or Michael Jackson?

While Prince was undeniably captivating, MJ’s moves were equally impressive, if not more. His position is analogous to trey Songz in the current industry – a pacesetter who’s yet to be superseded.

IX. Reminiscing the Sweet Melody of Success: Michael Jackson’s Biggest Hit Song

A. Delving into The Aspects That Made it a Smash Hit

Turning the page to “Thriller”, the frontrunner among Michael Jackson’s songs. Its perfect mix of spine-tingling narrative and groovy melody transformed “Thriller” into an era-defining hit, capturing the hearts of millions.

X. Question Interlude: What is Michael Jackson’s Biggest hit song?

Ah, the mother of all questions! It’s none other than “Thriller”, an unforgettable composition that millions still dance to!


XI. Journey Down the Thrilling Lane of Underrated Michael Jackson Songs

A. Reflecting on the Lesser-Known but Highly Artistic Pieces from His Discography

Now, for those who think they know all Michael Jackson songs. How about “Off The Wall”, “Human Nature”, or “Give In To Me”? These underrated gems deserve a repeat in your playlist!

XII. Auditory Encore: Bidding Farewell to the Musical Phenomenon

A. Final Thoughts on the Unique Elements of Michael Jackson’s Songs

It’s about time we bid adieu. Michael Jackson’s musical voyage, from “Got to Be There” to “Thriller”, showcases the unparalleled range of his talent. As we journeyed the forgotten catalog of Michael Jackson’s songs, we found forgotten tunes that deserve their place in the sun.

These Michael Jackson songs reveal the evolution of a boy to a King, songs that testify to the enduring legacy of his indomitable spirit. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, every beat, every line, every step —they all echo the magical spell of his talent, a testament to MJ’s genius that will forever resonate on the stage of the music world.


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