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Paris Can Wait: 5 Star Gem Unveiled

paris can wait

The Allure of Paris and Why It Can Wait

It’s no secret – the City of Light beckons with an irresistible glow. Paris, a timeless symphony of art, history, and gastronomy, plays out on cobblestoned streets lined with café terraces and couture boutiques. Annually, throngs of tourists pour into the city, eyes wide with dreams of scaling the Eiffel Tower, losing themselves in the Louvre, or tasting heaven one macaron at a time. Yet, amidst the romance whispers a wiser sentiment: “Paris can wait.” That’s right, folks. The same way a fine wine matures with time, the perfect Parisian escapade only gets richer with a dash of patience. So, why rush to the rendezvous?

Spending countless hours daydreaming about strolls along the Seine or picnics in the shadows of Sacré-Cœur adds a flavor to travel that can’t be bought – anticipation. Maybe your savings account is giving you the silent treatment, or your calendar is choked with obligations. Listen, Paris isn’t the high school sweetheart that won’t wait – it’s the love affair that grows deeper with a little bit of yearning.

Paris Can Wait ( Bonjour Anne ) [ NON USA FORMAT, Blu Ray, Reg.B Import Australia ]

Paris Can Wait ( Bonjour Anne ) [ NON USA FORMAT, Blu Ray, Reg.B Import   Australia ]


“Paris Can Wait (Bonjour Anne)” is an enchanting romantic comedy that comes to life in stunning high-definition with this Blu-ray release, designed for Region B players, imported from Australia. The non USA format requires a compatible player, ensuring an international array of film enthusiasts can enjoy this delightful cinematic journey. Starring the captivating Diane Lane as Anne, the film follows her unexpected road trip through France, which becomes a voyage of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

This Australian import offers not only the pristine visual quality of Blu-ray but also a host of special features that can enhance the viewing experience. Viewers are treated to behind-the-scenes footage, intimate interviews with the cast and crew, and perhaps even a commentary track that delves into the heart of the film’s creation. The beautiful French locales, from the rolling countryside to the charming eateries, are captured with such detail that they almost serve as a secondary character in Anne’s story.

“Paris Can Wait” is a must-have for cinephiles who revel in narratives of transformation, sumptuous visuals, and the charm of French culture. Whether you’re learning about France’s gastronomic delights along with Anne or just enjoying the witty banter between characters, this film is a gentle reminder of life’s unexpected pleasures and the roads less traveled. With its non-US format presenting a minor hurdle for some, this Blu-ray edition promises to be a treasured addition to any international film collection, inviting viewers back time and again to say “Bonjour” to Anne’s delightful escapade.

Unveiling The Five-Star Gem: A Patient Approach to Parisian Luxury

Hang tight, my friends, because I’m telling you, the patient path to Parisian paradise is paved with pure gold. Ever think that maybe holding off on booking that ticket could mean swapping out that cramped hotel room for a swoon-worthy suite? Or that by biding your time, you could sashay down the Champs-Élysées when it’s not overflowing like a see Thru top at a fashion show?

Letting that Paris trip simmer on the back burner allows you to meticulously map out your dream vacation – from scores of plush pillow menus to the clink of champagne flutes in hushed, gilded salons. The short of the long is, if you can tame that itch to zip to Paris faster than you can say “au revoir,” you’re onto a winner. It’s all about relishing the wait, crafting the experience with intention, just as a Michelin-starred chef ponders the perfect pinch of fleur de sel.

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Category Details
Title Paris Can Wait
Release Date May 12, 2017 (United States)
Director Eleanor Coppola
Screenplay Eleanor Coppola
Cast Diane Lane as Anne Lockwood
Arnaud Viard as Jacques Clement
Alec Baldwin as Michael Lockwood
Genre Romantic Comedy
Runtime 92 minutes
Production American Zoetrope, Lifetime Films, Corner Piece Capital, Protagonist Pictures, A+E Studios
Distributor Sony Pictures Classics
Box Office $7.9 million
Languages English, French
Plot Summary Anne takes an unexpected road trip through France with a business associate of her husband, leading to a reappraisal of her life and an awakening of her senses and appreciation for life’s pleasures.
Filming Locations France, notably around the regions of Cannes and Lyon.
Ratings Rotten Tomatoes: 47%; IMDb: 5.9/10; Metacritic: 48/100
Awards None notable as of knowledge cutoff
Related Products or Releases Soundtrack, DVD/Blu-Ray releases, streaming on various platforms.
Price Varies based on medium and platform (purchase, rent or stream). Typical DVD price ranges from $10-$20, streaming rental from $3-$6.
Benefits The film offers a vicarious travel escape to French locales, paired with a narrative of personal growth and discovery. It appeals to viewers who enjoy gentle-paced storytelling and scenic films.

The Parisian Experience: Crafting a Wait-Worthy Itinerary

So, you’ve taken the bait and decided to play the waiting game – smart move. Now, let’s turn that delayed gratification into a first-class itinerary that’s got more hidden gems than the crown jewels. First off, score an invitation to a private culinary workshop where the saucepans have seen more stars than the Milky Way and treat your taste buds to the secrets of the French gastronomy elite.

Then, why not catapult your fashion game to stratospheric heights with an exclusive tour through the hallowed backrooms of haute couture? And when you think you’ve seen all the art there is to see, let’s talk about those art galleries so elusive, they make Wes Bentleys career choices look like an open book. This is your cue to move past the Louvre and dive into Paris’ avant-garde underbelly, where art is alive, kicking, and waiting for the perfect audience – you.

Paris Can Wait

Paris Can Wait


Paris Can Wait is a delightful romantic comedy-drama that offers viewers a scenic journey through the beautiful landscapes and gastronomic pleasures of France. The film stars Diane Lane as Anne, the wife of a successful movie producer, who finds herself facing an unexpected road trip from Cannes to Paris with her husband’s charming business associate, played by Arnaud Viard. As they make their way through picturesque towns and indulge in sumptuous meals, the trip becomes a voyage of self-discovery for Anne, filled with breathtaking sites, delicious cuisine, and the rediscovery of her joie de vivre.

Set against the backdrop of the French countryside, Paris Can Wait presents a picturesque tableau of vineyards, historic landmarks, and artful plating that any Francophile or lover of beauty would appreciate. The unexpected detours and conversations between the two characters are laced with wit, humor, and an evolving chemistry that blends seamlessly with the film’s serene pacing. Anne’s transformation throughout the journey is heartwarming, offering a narrative of personal growth and the simple pleasures that life has to offer when one takes the time to savor them.

Directed by Eleanor Coppola, Paris Can Wait serves as her narrative directorial debut and is a feast for the senses that captures the essence of escapism. The film not only portrays an engaging story of companionship and exploration but also stands as a love letter to French culture itself, inviting the audience to indulge in the philosophy that sometimes, taking the longer, slower route can lead to the most memorable experiences and awakenings. Whether longing for travel, a taste of romance, or a cinematic retreat into the lush vistas of France, Paris Can Wait is a charming adventure that reminds us to appreciate life’s journey with all of its unexpected turns.

Patience Personified: Parisians Who Cultivate the Art of Waiting

In Paris, rushing is about as popular as a flat soufflé. I’ve met artisans who treat time as an ingredient, not an adversary. Take, for example, the master chocolatier whose truffles are only ready when the moon says so or the tailor whose suits are stitched to the rhythm of legacy, not deadlines. They’ll all tell you the same thing: “Paris can wait.” Because here, the sacred space between creation and consumption is where magic brews.

Embracing the Parisian “can wait” philosophy, these locals craft experiences that refuse to be rushed. This isn’t fast food; it’s a feast for the soul. To connect with such maestros, who measure time by the seasons and their work by perfection, isn’t just a lesson in culture; it’s a masterclass in life.

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Seasoned Advice: Experts Recommend the Best Times to Visit Paris

Now, lean in close, because the best-kept secret is about to be yours. Skip the predictable Paris pilgrimage during the sweltering summer months or the brisk breezes of spring. The real Paris – the one that shines like the top shelf of your Gran’s china cabinet – comes to life in the fall. Imagine crisp, amber days where every leaf in the Tuileries Garden stages its own hit me baby one more time nostalgic performance.

Expert whispers and locals’ sideline chatter point to an autumnal Paris as the crème de la crème period for exploring without the bumper-to-bumper foot traffic. Plus, you might catch the latest tune by the Coral Reefer band echoing through an open window – the perfect Parisian soundtrack. This insider intel is as valuable as renters insurance in Ohio – it might not spark your fire right away, but boy, will you thank your stars when the time comes.

Exclusive Enclaves: A Curated List of Lesser-Known Five-Star Stays in Paris

Forget the Ritz and the George V – those are for TripAdvisor tourists. For a real slice of indulgence, you need the down-low on the hush-hush havens that make Paris a true five-star affair. Picture this: a boutique hotel, tucked away in a 16th-century mansion where the walls whisper secrets of past lovers and political intrigues.

Or, maybe a modern penthouse kissed by the Parisian skyline is more your jam, where every gadget and gizmo is as sleek as Gerber collision & glass jobs on a Ferrari. These are the places where service isn’t just a smile at the front desk; it’s an art form. You won’t find these sanctuaries shouting from the rooftops; they’re too busy perfecting the pillow fluff for your arrival.

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Culinary Countdown: The High-End Parisian Restaurants That Are Worth the Queue

Take my word for it, the queues at the Louvre have nothing on the waiting lists of Paris’ culinary temples. I’m not talking about those places with one-word names that seem to echo through every travel mag. I’m talking about the real deal, where the food is so good, it’ll make you want to slap your mama.

Imagine an intimate spot where the chef is less “cook” and more “culinary rock star,” where each dish served is like the long-awaited Halloween 2024 album drop – it’s not just food, it’s an experience. These restaurants don’t just serve meals; they deal in once-in-a-lifetime, tell-your-grandkids-about-it, bucket-list-ticking extravaganzas.

Anticipation and Art: The Wait for Paris’ Upcoming Cultural Milestones

Now, for the true culture vultures, aligning your visit with Paris’ cultural calendar can be akin to catching the Holy Grail in a butterfly net. Look out for the openings of exhibitions that glitter on the horizon like jewels yet to be claimed. Think of the buzz surrounding the Biennale or a landmark retrospective at the Palais de Tokyo.

Timing your Parisian journey to coincide with these events is like holding out for front-row tickets to see Georgette Jones – sure, you could sit at the back, but we all know it’s not the same. The art scene in Paris is constantly reinventing itself; being there when it happens? That’s the golden ticket, my friends.

The Verdict: Is the Wait Truly Worth it?

So, after chewing the fat on why Paris can wait, it’s time to lay down the verdict. Is the anticipation, the daydreaming, and meticulous planning really all worth it? The drum roll, please… absolutely! Like the building crescendo in a symphony before the rhapsodic climax, the wait isn’t just worth it – it’s essential.

It’s a matter of personal growth, soaked in the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve handcrafted an adventure worthy of the city’s grandeur. And let’s not kid ourselves; in Paris, luxury is not just found, it’s curated, aged, and served at just the right moment.

Conclusion: The Art of Savoring Paris

In closing, this whole song and dance about why “Paris can wait” isn’t just some nifty travel tip – it’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, the Parisian way, if you will. You see, in a world that’s sprinting from one Insta-moment to the next, there’s profound beauty in stillness, in hungering, in the delicious torture of anticipation.

Savoring Paris goes beyond crafting the perfect trip. It speaks to our capacity to savor life itself, provocative and engaging as a Dylan verse. So take a breath, make a plan, and give yourself the gift of looking forward to something extraordinary. After all, the best things in life are worth waiting for, and Paris, my friends, is certainly in no hurry.

Get Ready: “Paris Can Wait” Delights Await!

Ah, Paris—the city of lights, of love, and of endless enchantment, where every cobblestone seems to whisper tales of romance and history. But hey, don’t pack your bags just yet, because “Paris can wait!” First, let’s buckle up for an exciting ride through a handful of delightful trivia and facts that’ll have you saying, “Oh là là!”

The Charm of Unplanned Detours

Ever felt like an unexpected turn led to the best adventure? That’s the spirit of “Paris can wait.” Picture this: You’re all set for your journey to the French capital, but suddenly, you’re sidetracked by a detour—kind of like when you’re heading for a routine car fix and wind up discovering an absolute gem of a place like Gerber Collision & Glass. It’s those unforeseen twists and turns that often lead to the most memorable experiences, much like the delightful detours Diana (played by Diane Lane) embarks on in the movie.

A Breath of Fresh Culture

Oh, and get this: “Paris can wait” isn’t just about the destination; it’s a feast for the senses! Let’s take a culinary pit stop—a gastronomic intermission, if you will. French food, mon ami, is more than just baguettes and fromage. With every bite, it’s like there’s a little party in your mouth, and everyone’s invited—go on, let your taste buds do the cancan!

The Insurance of a Good Time

And how about this for some peace of mind? You know how getting Renters insurance in Ohio assures you against those “just in case” home moments? Well,Paris can wait” serves as a sort of emotional insurance—guaranteeing you a good time and a break from the daily grind without any of the standard risks. It’s like wrapping your well-being in a warm, comfort blanket woven with scenes of lush scenery and escapades through the French countryside.

Joie de Vivre in Every Frame

Dang, if you’re gunning for that joie de vivre, look no further! Each scene in “Paris can wait” is a lively postcard from France, a visual treat that will make even the most down-to-earth folks dream of sipping on Châteauneuf-du-Pape and mingling with the effortlessly chic Parisian crowd.

A Cinematic Escapade

And boy, isn’t it just a hoot when movies teleport us to places we’ve never been? You’re cozy on your couch, and bam—there you go, zipping through the French vineyards, feeling the wind in your hair, no passport required. “Paris can wait” works its magic like that, leaving you with a wanderlust that’s as invigorating as a sprint down the Champs-Élysées!

So folks, what’s the rush? The splendor of Paris can indeed wait—as you savor a slice of La Belle France with this cinematic jewel. Before long, you’ll be knitting dreams about your own laid-back journey through the land of croissants and couture, and trust us, it’ll be magnifique!


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