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The Continued Downward Spiral of Kanye West (For Real This Time)

The Continued Downward Spiral of Kanye West (For Real This Time)

Ye who was previously Kanye West’s performer, comes out with Donda 2 & premieres his trilogy on Netflix

Kanye West is always being talked about, but never for the right reason. In February 2021, he released Donda2, his eleventh studio album. A documentary trilogy dubbed “jeen-yuss” is also accessible on Netflix. He’s also being talked about due to his infamous split from Kim Kardashian.

Donda 2 was released exclusively via the Stem Player music device. He said neither of the albums will be released through streaming services. Instead, you can buy the StemPlayer for $200. West is also known for releasing albums but then fixing them later on. The first version of his album is regarded as lackluster, compared to his other work.

After his divorce from and his ex-wife, West is now in the media. According to reports, Kardashian is now dating Pete Davidson, a comedian on SNL. West tried to persuade people to harass him after he learned about their relationship. West has even put together an animated claymation video to promote one of the singles from Donda 2 that illustrates West taking down Davidson alive.

West is an incredibly well-known singer-songwriter who is often in the news when the album or project is scheduled to be released. There have been theories that causing controversy is part of the album rollout. However, this seems to be more of a personal issue than album sales or Billboard rankings.

West has also been airing out everything he does through social media. The most recent incident was Davidson’s attempt to reach to West trying to convince him to relax about his online presence , and then having them sit down in private. West continued to tell Davidson that he was going to West’s Sunday Service, posting the conversation on the internet (now deleted). Davidson even tried to take the better route by asking his Saturday Night Live writers to not make material about the rapper.

Davidson has also pleaded with West to stop talking about Kardashian and to seek mental health help. Nothing else is required to be said about the issue until the story develops.


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