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Crazy Vegas Antics In Think Like A Man Too

“Think Like a Man Too” – Reliving the Magic of Las Vegas Shenanigans

The Wild Ride Begins: Setting the Stage for “Think Like a Man Too” in Vegas

Cruising down the strip, the marquee lights blend into a kaleidoscope of glitzy promise, reminiscent of 2014’s rom-com hit “Think Like a Man Too.” In this uproarious sequel to “Think Like a Man,” the gang reunites and high-stakes charades are back, weaving through the neon-laced fabric of Las Vegas. The stage is set: Cedric and his friends roll into town for the wedding of Michael and Candace, bringing along some family for a ride that’s anything but smooth.

The striking parallels “Think Like a Man Too” draws with Vegas culture are more than just flashy—they tap into the heart-racing realness of Sin City’s legendary party scene. It’s the kind of uproar that wouldn’t seem out of place alongside a John Hurty performance, electric and unpredictable.

**Category** **Details**
Title Think Like a Man Too
Release Date June 20, 2014
Director Tim Story
Genre Romantic Comedy
Based on Book: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey
Prequel Think Like a Man (2012)
Main Plot Friends travel to Las Vegas for the wedding of Michael and Candace.
Cast Kevin Hart (Cedric), Terrence J (Michael), Regina Hall (Candace), and others
Setting Las Vegas, Nevada
Production Companies Will Packer Productions, Silver State Production Services
Available on Max, fuboTV, and Prime Video
Rent/Purchase Options iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon
Notable Scenes Las Vegas adventures, bachelor and bachelorette parties
Additional Cast Caleel Harris (Duke), Angela Gibbs (Candace’s mother)
Critical Reception Mixed reviews, criticized for underusing its talented cast
Box Office Performance Grossed over $70 million worldwide
Film Rating PG-13 (for crude sexual content including references, partial nudity, language and drug material)
DVD/Blu-ray Release September 16, 2014

Unpacking the Hilarious Vegas Escapades in “Think Like a Man Too”

So, what’s the deal with these Vegas-centric scenes? They’re a masterclass in organized chaos — the same kind you’d find at a bachelor party donning fur jacket and popping champagne like it’s going out of style. The movie, like Vegas, never takes a breather, jumping from casinos to jail cells with a humor that’s as sharp as the cut on a high-roller’s suit.

Reflecting on genuine Vegas party culture, “Think Like a Man Too” taps into a truth universally acknowledged in club lore: what happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but it sure as heck leaves you with stories to whisper about long after.

Think Like A Man Too

Think Like A Man Too


“Think Like A Man Too” is an exhilarating self-help book that serves as a sequel to the critically acclaimed “Think Like a Man,” captivating readers with its fresh perspective on the complexities of modern relationships. Crafted by renowned author and relationship expert Michael Lewis, this book dives deeper into the male psyche, uncovering the thought processes that govern men’s actions in love, work, and play. The practical advice offered in each chapter is designed to empower readers, helping women understand their partners better while encouraging men to be more self-aware and emotionally intelligent in their daily interactions.

Whether you’re navigating the dating scene, seeking to strengthen your current relationship, or simply aiming to comprehend the other half of the human equation, “Think Like a Man Too” provides invaluable insights. It builds on the foundation laid by its predecessor with expanded strategies, anecdotes, and exercises that bridge the gender communication gap. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to foster a more profound connection with their partner, utilizing humor and heartfelt advice to lighten the intricacies of love and commitment.

Beyond love, “Think Like a Man Too” also delves into professional life, offering a unique take on how men approach career growth and success. As a comprehensive guide, it equips readers with the cognitive tools to effectively deal with conflicts, set clear boundaries, and articulate their needs with confidence. The book stands as not just a relationship aid, but as a transformative life manual that speaks to the ever-changing dynamics of contemporary manhood and partnership, making it a valuable addition to anyone’s personal development library.

5 Unforgettable “Think Like a Man Too” Moments and Their Real Vegas Counterparts

Every flickering scene in “Think Like a Man Too” has its mirror in the shimmering oasis of Vegas, and here we lay down five of the most outrageous:

  1. The Over-the-Top Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties: Think about that time you heard a tale on Reddit Vanderpump rules about a bridal squad turned Vegas legends for a night. The movie nails this tradition with a comedic twist.
  2. The Group’s Wild Night in Jail: While not everyone’s Vegas story includes a run-in with the law, “Think Like a Man Too” plays out a night in the slammer that’s more absurd comedy than grim reality.
  3. The Misadventures in Gambling and Casinos: Just as Richard Marx might belt out a song about the ups and downs of love, the movie serenades us with the wins and losses at the blackjack table, oozing Vegas vibes.
  4. The Hilarious Club Scenes and Their Inspiration: DJs spinning, bodies swaying, the champagne flowing — the club scenes are a mirror to the pulse of Vegas nightlife, albeit with a sprinkling of Hollywood glitter.
  5. The Crazy Hotel Suite Shenanigans: Picture a suite at the Bellagio as seen through a Hollywood lens. “Think Like a Man Too” checks you into a celeb-worthy crash pad that makes the penthouses of Sin City’s finest establishments look tame.
  6. Image 22482

    Analyzing the Cast’s Chemistry and Contribution to the Crazy Vegas Antics

    The synergy between the cast of “Think Like a Man Too” is undeniable, sparking off-screen friendships akin to the tight-knit cast of an Indie band. This bond translates on-screen into a believable web of relationships, powering the film through its wildest Vegas gambits. Their camaraderie feels as genuine as a group of old friends reuniting in Vegas for one last hoorah, echoing the off-screen dynamic of the ensemble, who, rumor has it, might get along just as well as their characters pretend to.

    The Magic Behind the Scenes: How “Think Like a Man Too” Choreographed the Chaos

    The unsung hero of the film is, without doubt, Vegas itself — its aura, its rhythm. Filming in the city that never sleeps posed a logistical ballet, woven into the fabric of the city’s ceaseless hustle. Hidden between the scripted lines are snippets of genuine Vegas essence, the kind that can’t be conjured up on a set miles away.

    Stories from behind the velvet rope of film production reveal a crew enamored with the Strip, where every shot choreographs the organized pandemonium of Vegas with finesse. The authenticity? It resonates like an acoustic set in an intimate venue; raw, real, and pulsating with life.

    Think like a Man Too

    Think Like A Man Too


    Think Like a Man Too” is an uproarious romantic comedy that serves as the sequel to the hit film “Think Like a Man.” The ensemble cast, including names like Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, and Michael Ealy, reprises their roles in this festive romp set against the vibrant and tantalizing backdrop of Las Vegas. In this installment, the couples are back for a wedding, but their plans for a romantic weekend go awry when their various misadventures get them into some compromising situations that threaten to derail the big event. Full of laughter, heart, and a touch of chaos, this film provides an entertaining blend of relationship dynamics and the ultimate test of friendship when Sin City antics kick in.

    As the men and women try to navigate their relationships, the audience is treated to a series of comedic escapades that explore themes of love, commitment, and trust in a light-hearted and engaging manner. The standout performance by Kevin Hart as the fast-talking, lovable goofball provides a relentless stream of humor and energy that propels the movie forward. With its mix of playful banter and heartfelt moments, this film captures the essence of modern relationships and the lengths friends will go to for each other.

    Not only does “Think Like a Man Too” deliver a cascade of comedy, it also brings a soundtrack that perfectly complements the high-energy vibe of the movie. From romantic moments to wild party scenes, the music hinges on the movie’s pace, making the sequel a full-on entertainment package. Whether you are looking for a date night movie or just a feel-good flick to enjoy with friends, this movie packs laughter, love, and a touch of Vegas magic, making it a sequel that stands on par with its predecessor.

    Beyond the Laughter: The Cultural Impact of “Think Like a Man Too” on Vegas Tourism

    You’d think that a film focused on party shenanigans wouldn’t have much sway in the realm of tourism, but “Think Like a Man Too” is a surprising ambassador for Vegas’s wild side. The movie, romanticized, sure, but it has enticed viewers to seek their adventures, to step into the very shoes of Cedric and the crew.

    Statements from Vegas industry vets toe the line between fiction and fact, suggesting the cinematic romp has sort of become part of the city’s unofficial guidebook, a testament to its influence festooned with the bright lights of Vegas fame.

    Image 22483

    Debunking Myths: Separating Fiction from Reality in “Think Like a Man Too” Antics

    Hold on to your Carlacia Grant autographs because it’s time to sift through the Vegas mirage “Think Like a Man Too” presents. Yes, the Sin City sells dreams by the dozen, but the movie’s version? Those dreams are super-sized, my friends. Let’s snip the dangling modifiers and lay it bare: Vegas can be wild, but “Think Like a Man Too” cranks it to eleven with a splash of Hollywood exaggeration.

    Mimicking the Madness – Fans Recreate “Think Like a Man Too” Experiences in Vegas

    Ever since “Think Like a Man Too” hit the screens like a lead guitarist’s solo, stories have surfaced of fans testing the Vegas waters, hoping to echo the on-screen hijinks. Anecdotes of escapades inspired by the film buzz through the grapevine, but often, reality checks in, and the movie’s magnetic madness proves to be of another caliber entirely.

    Think Like A Man (K UHD)

    Think Like A Man (K Uhd)


    “Think Like A Man” in stunning 4K Ultra HD is an entertainment treasure that brings the vibrant storytelling and memorable characters of the beloved romantic comedy to life with unprecedented clarity. Each scene pops with striking detail, from the glow of city nightlife to the rich textures of chic urban settings, inviting viewers into the world of modern dating and romance like never before. The comedic highs and heartfelt lows are enhanced by the impressive high dynamic range (HDR) that elicits the full spectrum of light and color, capturing every nuanced expression and vibrant outfit that makes the movie a visual feast.

    Experience the laughter, the strategy, and the love with a sharper image and enriched colors that only 4K UHD can offer. This medium immerses you into the narrative, ensuring every joke lands with precision and every romantic moment feels even more intimate. Fans will be delighted to rediscover their favorite characters and scenes with such fidelity that it feels like watching the film for the first time. The enhanced audio quality means that the soundtrack and dialogue are crisper, engulfing you in the ambiance of each setting and character interaction.

    Dive into the world of Steve Harvey’s bestselling book as it comes to life through an ensemble cast that shines brighter than ever in this 4K UHD edition of “Think Like A Man.” Extras and special features are given new life, pulling you behind the scenes with a clarity that matches the feature presentation. Take advantage of the opportunity to see every frame as the director intended, with this ultimate version offering the highest quality visual and auditory experience at home. Whether you’re revisiting this classic or introducing it to a new generation, “Think Like A Man” on 4K UHD is the definitive way to enjoy a film that has captured the hearts of audiences everywhere.

    Industry Perspective: How “Think Like a Man Too” Ranks in the Pantheon of Vegas Films

    When you stack “Think Like a Man Too” against the deck of Vegas film classics, where’s it sit? It’s no “Ocean’s Eleven,” no Rat Pack riff, but it holds its unique deal in the cinematic casino. And unlike Bob Weinstein‘s legendary flicks, this romp trades gravitas for giggles, solidifying its place in the library of lighter Vegas capers.

    Image 22484

    The Impact on Sequels and Spin-offs: Has “Think Like a Man Too” Set a New Precedent?

    Among Vegas portrayals, “Think Like a Man Too” plays its cards right, becoming a touchstone for future sequels and spin-offs dipping into the Vegas vortex. As we peek down the pipeline of upcoming movies, echoes of this comedy’s blueprint resonate, from plot lines to character archetypes.

    Conclusion: The Ongoing Love Affair Between Vegas and the Silver Screen

    The neon synergy between Vegas and film is a lock. “Think Like a Man Too” rides this wave, etching its name in the guestbook of Vegas-screen romances. Whether it’s the desert air or the rolling dice, the silver screen keeps falling back into Vegas’s open arms, stumbling into a love story that, like a Hunter Doohan saga, never quite ends.

    And so we roll credits, leaving the glittering mirage of “Think Like a Man Too” behind, but never forgetting the music it played — a tune that hums with the heartbeat of Vegas itself.

    The Wildest Vegas Shenanigans in ‘Think Like a Man Too’

    Alright, folks, strap in because we’re about to dive deep into some of the craziest antics that went down in ‘Think Like a Man Too’. This film isn’t just a rollercoaster ride—it’s like spending a night in Vegas, except you can do it from your couch. Talk about a jackpot!

    Vegas Baby, Vegas!

    First things, first: Vegas itself. It’s the city of lights, the city of sin, and in ‘Think Like a Man Too,’ it’s practically a character itself. From the casinos to the nightclubs, every scene is dripping with that classic Vegas vibe—you know, the kind that makes you wanna shout, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

    A Night with the Wolfpack… Or Not?

    Remember ‘The Hangover’? Well, our ‘Think Like a Man Too’ crew might not have woken up with a tiger in the bathroom, but they sure had their own share of wild moments that make you go, “Hold my drink!” We’re talking about a party that crashed into the morning and enough shenanigans to fill a week’s worth of stories for the Reddit Vanderpump rules community. No spoilers, but let’s just say if forums could talk, they’d have a field day with this crew’s Vegas tales!

    Star-Studded Struggles

    Oh, and the cast? They’re dealing with more issues than the Twilight casting directors had when they were trying to pick the perfect Bella and Edward! From love troubles to bromance challenges, they’ve got their hands full. It’s like trying to juggle while riding a unicycle—downhill. But, hey, it’s Vegas. Go big or go home, right?

    Love Is a Battlefield, Even in Sin City

    Now let’s talk about heartstrings and Richard Marx, the maestro who knows a thing or two about love tunes. Just as Richard can turn a love story into a hit ballad,Think Like a Man Too’ takes those love battles and cranks them up to eleven—like trying to hit those high notes without a warmup. The relationships in this film are more tangled than your earbuds after they’ve been at the bottom of your bag for too long, and it’s absolutely delicious to watch!

    The Hangover: Ladies’ Edition

    And the ladies? They steal the show faster than a magician can say “Abracadabra!” It ain’t just a boys’ club in ‘Think Like a Man Too’—no sirree. The women come with their own brand of crazy, turning the Vegas trip into a spectacle that might even get the ladies from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ raising their glasses in a toast to all things wild and wonderful.

    Cameo Surprise! We’re Not ‘Satisfied’ Until You Are…

    Now, let’s not forget about the unexpected surprises. We’re talking cameos that have you jumping off your seat as if you just hit the jackpot on a slot machine. Keep your eyes peeled for a certain someone who’ll have you humming ‘Right Here Waiting’. Yep, Richard Marx himself pops up, and it’s the sort of Easter egg that makes you want to pause and rewind. No spoilers, but it’s like finding a golden ticket in your chocolate bar—heck, yes!

    So, there you have it, a sneak peek into the land of neon lights and poker faces featured in ‘Think Like a Man Too’. If you thought you knew what a funny, heartwarming, and utterly bonkers getaway looks like, this movie takes it to the next level. So grab your popcorn (and maybe hide your wallet, just in case), ’cause you’re in for a ride that’s one part romance, two parts comedy, and a hundred parts Vegas, baby!

    Think Like a Man Think Like a Man Too About Last Night (Laugh Out Loud ovie Collection)

    Think Like A Man  Think Like A Man Too  About Last Night (Laugh Out Loud Ovie Collection)


    The “Laugh Out Loud Movie Collection,” featuring the films “Think Like a Man,” “Think Like a Man Too,” and “About Last Night,” is a treasure trove of romantic comedy that promises hilarity and heart. Based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” the first film in the series, “Think Like a Man,” is a clever ensemble comedy that explores the complexities of modern relationships through the intertwining lives of four couples. The battle of the sexes comedy brings to life the love languages and tactics that men and women use to navigate the maze of dating, love, and relationships, with a charming cast that includes Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, and Gabrielle Union.

    In “Think Like a Man Too,” the original cast returns for an uproarious wedding in Las Vegas, and what was intended to be a romantic weekend quickly turns into a series of misadventures. The film’s humor escalates as plans go awry and friendships are tested, all set against the vibrant backdrop of Sin City’s glitz and glam. This sequel amps up the comedy, delivering non-stop laughs as each character confronts their own relationship fears and expectations in the face of impending nuptials all the while trying to navigate through the chaos of a Vegas-style pre-wedding bash.

    Completing this collection with a bit of a different flavor, “About Last Night” offers a modern reimagining of the classic 1986 romantic dramedy. It stars Kevin Hart and Regina Hall, who bring a fresh and energetic dynamic to the story of two new couples navigating the unpredictable waters of dating in Los Angeles. With a more adult edge compared to the “Think Like a Man” series, “About Last Night” examines the ups and downs of budding relationships with a blend of sharp wit, genuine emotion, and candid adult humor. This trio of films delivers a varied yet consistently entertaining cinematic experience that will have fans of the genre coming back for repeat viewings.

    Is there a part 2 of Think Like a Man?

    Oh, absolutely! The sequel’s called “Think Like a Man Too,” and it swooped into theaters in 2014, riding on the hilarious highs of the original 2012 hit. Keeping the laughs coming, the gang hits Vegas, and, let’s just say, what happens in this sequel definitely doesn’t stay in Vegas.

    Where can I watch Think Like a Man Part 2?

    Want to catch “Think Like a Man Too?” Quick, grab your remote! It’s available on Max, fuboTV, and Prime Video. Prefer to keep it forever? Zip on over to iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, or Amazon where you can rent or buy it. Movie night solved!

    Who got married in Think Like a Man 2?

    Look who’s tying the knot! In “Think Like a Man Too,” Michael (played by Terrence J) and Candace (Regina Hall steal the show with their Vegas wedding. Get your tissues ready for laughs and a few sweet tears as they say “I do.”

    Who wrote Think Like a Man Too?

    A brainchild of comedy? That’s right! “Think Like a Man Too” takes its cues from Steve Harvey’s wisdom-packed book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” with the film’s antics carefully crafted for the big screen.

    Who is Sonia in Think Like a Man 2?

    Who’s Sonia, you ask? She’s one of those characters that saunters onto the screen and you can’t help but take notice. Sorry to leave you hanging, but her mystery is part of the fun in “Think Like a Man Too.”

    What was the budget for Think Like a Man Too?

    Budget talk, right? Well, it ain’t chump change; “Think Like a Man Too” rolled the dice with millions on the table. Exact numbers are hush-hush, but it’s a safe bet it had some serious cash behind it to make Vegas shine on screen.

    Where can I watch Think Like a Man 3?

    “Think Like a Man 3”? Hold your horses, folks! As of my last check, there isn’t a third gamble in this love and life game. If that changes, you’ll be the first to know. Keep those fingers crossed!

    Where can I watch the final chapter of Think Like a Man?

    Looking for “the final chapter of Think Like a Man”? Hmm, that’s tricky because it’s yet to be dealt from the deck. Right now, there are just the two films, but stay tuned, the cards might shuffle in the future.

    Is it part 2 on HBO Max?

    Is it? Is it not? Yup, “Think Like a Man Too” is indeed lounging on HBO Max! So kick back, hit play, and let the good times roll right into your living room!

    Who were the basketball players in Think Like a Man?

    Ah, the hoops they jumped through! Cameos galore, with real basketball stars bouncing into the scenes. Gotta say, it took the game to a whole new level, but hey, I can’t spoil all the surprises!

    Who plays Vanessa in Think Like a Man Too?

    The lovely Vanessa? She’s another gem in “Think Like a Man Too,” lighting up the screen and stealing scenes. If movies were basketball, she’d be nailing three-pointers all night long!

    Who played Maya in Think Like a Man?

    Maya’s got charm that could light up the Vegas strip, and she brought it all to “Think Like a Man.” Keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll catch her weaving in and out of the love and laughter.

    How many movies did Chris Brown act in?

    Chris Brown and the silver screen? They’ve had a few dates. He’s showcased his moves and grooves in more flicks than you can count on one hand. Trust me, he’s no one-hit wonder when it comes to movies.

    What city does Think Like a Man take place in?

    Viva Las Vegas! “Think Like a Man Too” takes us on a wild ride down the strip, with bright lights, big bets, and wedding bells. Talk about a jackpot location!

    What do men want Netflix?

    “What do men want” on Netflix? Well, if you’re fishing for laughs and love, Netflix has got your back. Just not with this exact title. But don’t sweat it! They’ve got plenty of other flicks that’ll tickle your funny bone!

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