Wallows: Reigning Kings of Indie Pop?


Wallows’ Ascent: Chronicling the Rise of an Indie Phenomenon

Wallows. This name fast became a thing of lore among indie music enthusiasts, from its inception in 2011 to the release of their first music in 2017. The trio, consisting of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston, possess an interesting backstory with a touch of serendipity, with the name “Wallows” being stumbled upon in Tony Hawk’s Underground video game. Reflecting a real spot in Hawaii where skaters would seek refuge, the existence of Wallows became parallel to its namesake – a place where music lovers could find solace.

The trigger for Wallows popularity was their head on collision with the digital age. YouTube and social media were instrumental in their meteoric rise. Their tunes did not remain invisible in the chaotic world of the internet, but rather, stood out like a technicolor dreamcoat amongst a sea of greys. They began to resonate within an audience seeking unique authenticity from the mainstream current, making a name for themselves beyond being independent artists.

Wallows’ breakthrough, however, didn’t happen overnight. In fact, their greatest weapon may have been their steady, ruminative development, reminiscent of a board game, with each successful release acting as a roll of the dice, moving them further into the adoration of indie pop enthusiasts.

Nothing Happens

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Wallows’ Discography: A Signature Blend of Pop Perfection

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Analysts and enthusiasts have pinned Wallows’ sound under numerous labels, from alternative rock to power pop, surf punk, and bedroom pop, but in the heart of it lies the pulsating rhythm of indie pop. Their path-defining record ‘Tell Me That It’s Over’, a breakup album solidified their stance in the genre, arguably a shout out to competitors—Wallows here are to conquer.

Image 5923

In dissecting their demonstrative genius, a delve into their music’s blueprint reveals the true essence of their appeal. Take their most popular song – “Are You Bored Yet?”; a sonic journey filled with melodic twists and turns, and an inescapable rhythm that lingers long after the track ends. It garnered 444.8K page views, mapping them in the Indie Pop universe. Their stylistic choices are commendable, not merely because they’re different, but because they resonate deep emotions, experiences, and relatability.

Spring EP

Spring EP


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Beyond the chords and beats, a thoughtful dissection of Wallows’ thematic compass places them in a unique light. Their narratives oscillate between nostalgic reminiscences, painful acceptances, and hopeful proclamations, all converging into a symphony that palpates various human corners simultaneously.

Image 5924

Formation Year 2011
First Release 2017
Members Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minnette, Cole Preston
Popular for Alternative rock, post-punk, power pop, indie rock, bedroom pop, indie pop, and surf punk
Origin of Name Name ‘Wallows’ was inspired by a level in the video game “Tony Hawk’s Underground”
Most Popular Song “Are You Bored Yet?” with 444.8K page views
Newest Album “Tell Me That It’s Over,” dropped on March 29, 2024
Band’s Objective To lead the genre in the new music streaming world
Notable Achievement Released their second studio breakup album

Wallows’ Impact: Beyond Just Music

Suggesting that Wallows has revolutionized the Indie Pop scene wouldn’t exactly be an overstatement. Their vibes have initiated a revolution, moving away from cookie-cutter tunes to a blend of alternative rock and surf punk. The ripple effects are observable in numerous contemporary artists eyeing the Indie Pop throne, including artists like Joji, Nf, and Don Toliver.

Just like the real-life skate haven in Hawaii, Wallows have carved out a spot within the maze of popular culture. They’ve managed to resonate with a demographic that seeks refuge in the nuances and depth of Indie Pop. This influence, though intangible, is sizable.

What sets Wallows apart in today’s music circuit is their profound resonance with the listener’s experiences and emotions. Their sound is like a time machine, helmed by your favorite memory or stirring emotion, ready to take you on a nostalgic journey. Their approach evokes the essence of life, much like the sentiment expressed in the concept of a life estate.

Reigning or Rising: The Current State of Wallows in Indie Pop

To crown Wallows ‘the kings’, one must crawl through the competitive underbelly of the genre. Undeniably a top-tier band in Indie Pop, the trio is paddling in an ocean that has many talented fish. Nevertheless, what distinguishes Wallows is their ascension in an era marked by streaming wars, as well as their firm grip on their unique magnetic appeal.

In deciphering their reign, it’s important to recognize the areas where Wallows shine—their reliable performance across sales, charts, streams, and an ardent fanbase. The trident of good numbers, unique sound, and lyrical depth are what most bands strive for, and Wallows boasts them all.

Nevertheless, in every genre lies competition, and Indie Pop is no exception. The throne they rest on isn’t without its claimants, making Wallows’ reign a thrilling spectacle to singularly spectate.

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Wallows’ Future: Continued Dominance or Imminent Downfall?

Forecasting the future of Wallows is akin to reading tea leaves in a hurricane. Despite their staggering rise and popularity, the Indie Pop genre is known for its dynamism and unpredictable shifts. However, based on current observable trends, Wallows seems to be firmly gripping their reign.

Their continuation into the foreseeable future is not merely a passion-driven assumption—it’s backed by historical performance data as well as potential releases. However, their retention isn’t without the backdrop of fickleness, intrinsic of the industry. Thus, we’re left with the reality of music: a constant tango between predictability and terpsichorean twists.

Image 5925

An Indie Symphony: Wallows as a Classic Illustration of Pop Rebellion

As the curtain closes on this tale of Wallows, we find ourselves standing in front of a mirror. The reflection is not just the story of a band’s rise to prominence in Indie Pop but also the illustration of Pop rebellion. They have embodied the essence of a hero forge, molding their own unique path, adding to the delightful mosaic of the music industry.

Wallows’ impact, while largely within the Indie Pop scene, transcends across all paths of popular music, reminding us that genres are porous boundaries, ever open for a cross-pollination of ideas and styles.

With the undulating nature of the music industry, it is crucial to relish the present reign while counting the paces of the unknown. We cautiously end on this note—embracing the unpredictable in the reign of Indie Pop, just as we groove to Wallows’ tunes, ready for whatever comes our way. After all, it’s the surprises that make this symphony called music worth experiencing. However, one thing seems certain: Wallows are not merely participants in the indie pop arena; they are shaping its future, one note at a time.

Did the Wallows Band break up?

Hold your horses now, as of current chatter, Wallows Band is still intact, strumming our heartstrings together. They’re still making waves, no break up in sight.

Why are they called Wallows?

Talk about a quirky name, right? The band Wallows got their name from the halcyon days of Cole and Dylan’s childhood when they used to hang around Wallows Drive in Los Angeles.

Is Wallows bedroom pop?

Well, aren’t we all curious! Technically speaking, Wallows is considered indie rock, but they do have a splash of ‘bedroom pop’ vibes in their melodies. It’s like a delicious audio sundae, if you ask me.

Is Dylan lead singer Wallows?

Ah, Dylan Minnette! You’re not far off the mark; he’s one of Wallows’ lead singers alongside Braeden Lemasters. They make quite the vocal duo, don’t they?

Who is the Wallows girlfriend?

Gosh, wouldn’t we all like to know? The Wallows lads keep their personal lives pretty hush-hush. Who could be the lucky lady is still a million dollar question for all Wallows’ fanatics.

Who sings the most in Wallows?

Pulling the curtain back, Dylan Minnette and Braeden Lemasters both share the vocal duties in Wallows. You could say they harmonize the band pretty darn well!

How old are the Wallows?

These sprightly lads, the Wallows, are neat in their mid-20s. Raw talent, charisma and youthful energy, they’ve got it all!

What genre is Wallows?

Now, trying to put Wallows in a box is a fool’s errand. They’re mostly indie rock, but with a cheeky bit of alt-pop and post-punk thrown in for good measure.

How old is Dylan Minnette?

Dylan Minnette, that talented bugger, he’s 25 now. No longer just a teen heartthrob, but a proper rocking gentleman!

Did Wallows change their name?

Heck no! Wallows was once known as The Narwhals, but decided to throw a curveball and changed up their handle. Same band, new name, still awesome tunes.

How did Wallows get famous?

Now here’s the skinny. Wallows found their fame thanks to their bang-on track, “Pleaser.” It was a viral hit on Spotify which skyrocketed them to the stratosphere of stardom.

Is Noah Centineo in the Wallows music video?

We’re tickled pink to confirm, yes, Noah Centineo starred in the Wallows music video for “Are You Bored Yet?” Talk about a star-studded video!

Is Dylan Minnette a nepo baby?

Dylan Minnette, a nepo-baby? Nuh-uh, he’s a man of his own right and carved his way to success all by his lonesome, no industry help necessary.

Can Dylan still sing?

Can Dylan still sing? You betcha! His soothing voice is still there, ready to serenade the fans as he progresses and matures as an artist.

What genre is Lana Del Rey?

Lana Del Rey, the queen of moody vibes, falls under the genre of dream pop and indie folks with some cherry-on-top sprinkles of alternative and Baroque pop.


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