What Platform Reigns Supreme

What Platform Reigns Supreme

With Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter all advancing towards becoming the superior social platform, what makes them stand apart?

There are a variety of media and apps to keep your eyes active. One app can keep someone occupied for many hours. This is the ultimate goal of the app. The aim is to keep users in the app. The more you stay, the higher the ad revenue and more money they can make. TikTok was downloaded by 656 million people in 2021. This is higher than Instagram or Facebook. With just 6% of that 656 million users reportedly spending more than 10 hours per week on the app, they’re doing something right.

Each app is trying to introduce new features that will eat away at other apps. This is one reason why all apps featured the Stories feature for a time (remember Snapchat). Twitter is fully embracing the crypto community and has eliminated Clubhouse by introducing the Spaces feature. Instagram has their shopping feature in the middle of their app in order to attract shoppers. It’s all a competition and they’ll always try to innovate.

As tech giants and developers continue to push the boundaries regarding what you can do with your phone, determine what app is good for. Vine (RIP) is one of them. It is an application for short-form video is extremely well-known and revitalized by TikTok. Other platforms have also entered the space due to the success of TikTok. Instagram has Reels and Youtube has Shorts. creators simply copy and paste from their TikToks to reduce their work and increase streams of views (and ultimately, revenue).

Although every platform offers a chat or direct messaging feature, not all are made equal. Although Facebook continues to experience strong downloads, they have added Messenger their chat app. This seems redundant. Instagram’s (who is owned by Facebook) chat is still within the same app and offers additional sharing and media options. Simpler features will help users to access your services.

What it boils down to is what you really value in your entertainment. Reddit as well as Twitter are excellent options for those who regularly read or stay up-to-date with the latest information. Instagram and Facebook are great ways to connect with other users by posting comments. There’s something for every person. With all the apps competing to grab your attention nowadays, it is best to go with the app that will entertain you the most and allows you to have the most enjoyable social interactions.


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