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70s Show Fever: 7 Insane Facts You Never Knew!

70s show

The ’70s Show Legacy: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Oh man, That ’70s Show! It seems like only yesterday we first saw the gang in Eric Forman’s basement, spinning vinyls and engaging in teenage banter. For a television series spanning eight seasons and almost a decade, That ’70s Show has remained a timeless classic, an ideal representation of the hilarity and heartache that defines adolescence. Its cultural influence is undeniable, with its mixed bag of characters, their iconic features, and the stories that they told.

Eric, Donna, Hyde, Fez, Kelso, Jackie – every ’70s Show fan knows these names. Each brought to the table their undeniable flair, painting a portrait of ’70s youth that will always resonate with viewers. From Eric’s geek-chic charisma and Donna’s independent spirit, to Hyde’s dry wit, Kelso’s cluelessness, Jackie’s vanity, and Fez’s exotic allure- they were a bunch of misfits whose dynamics could keep the most monotonous conversations buzzing.

Is That ’70s Show on HBO Max?

Despite the roller coaster of availability on different streaming platforms, the show’s popularity has never waned. Fans were shattered when it left Netflix, and the situation didn’t get any better with Hulu, CBS All Access, and Prime Video also bidding it adieu. These platforms gave enthusiasts endless streaming nights but sadly now the show is nowhere to be found.

When the show first vanished from Netflix in the fall of 2020, a shockwave hit its fanbase who has no doubt been waiting with bated breath for a triumphant return. Adding to the confusion, newer streaming services like HBO Max and Peacock seemed to ignore this goldmine of a show. Ultimately, That ’70s Show is not available to stream on any streaming service till January 4, 2021.


The Streaming Circus: Where Can I Watch That ’70s Show Season?

But keep your bell-bottoms on, the show has bounced back! The gods of television heard the cries, and all 8 seasons of That ’70s Show is now available to stream on Peacock since January 18, 2023 which is akin to Andrew Tate hustlers university cost in the world of streaming. If you’re not into subscribing to another streaming service (because let’s admit it, there’s quite a few out there), You can also stream select episodes on Sling, thanks to the digital TV network Laff.

Fact 1: The Mysterious Departure of Eric

Oh, Eric! The geeky, lovable protagonist who was the central figure of That ’70s Show for seven seasons. His chemistry with his gang and the romantic subplot with Donna were major hooks of the show. But fans were left scratching their heads when Eric mysteriously disappeared in Season 8, much like the unexpected cliffhangers in Ted Lasso season 3.

The unanticipated drift of Topher Grace who played Eric from the show left a significant vacuum. So, where did Eric go? In one fell swoop, at the conclusion of Season 7, series star Topher Grace decided to leave the show, and Eric jetted off to Africa to pursue teaching. Seems like a drastic shift from hanging out in basements and working at the local store, doesn’t it?

Fact 2: Why Wasn’t Eric in Season 8?

The writers, faced with the obstacle of Eric’s disappearance, decided that Africa was as good a place as any for him to have vanished off to. This however, resulted in the disintegration of his long-distance relationship with Donna which was revealed midway in Season 8. Akin to the shock unexpected events in Space X, Eric’s departure was felt by all.


Fact 3: Shocks and Surprises: Who Ends Up with Who in That ’70s Show?

Jackie’s romantic relationships in the show are Riveting. However, the fact that Jackie and Kelso end up together sent ripples of surprise throughout the fandom because, at the end of the original series, everyone was geared up for Jackie to end up with Fez. This was an unexpected curveball, as wild as the happenings in The White lotus season 2.

Fact 4: Remembering the Last Season

Last seasons often prove bittersweet, and That ’70s Show was no exception. With Eric’s departure and the fresh pairing of Jackie and Kelso, the status quo was shaken up. This resulted in a significant change in the dynamics of the group, throwing audiences for a loop. The surprises didn’t end there. Eric’s return in the last episode, the rekindling of the relationship with Donna, and the final curtain call struck a chord with fans.


The ’70s Show Fever: A Cultural Phenomenon that Lives On

That ’70s Show was more than a sitcom – it was (and still is) a cultural phenomenon. Like the indelible performances of F. Murray abraham or the star quotient of Chet Hanks, the show crafted a template for teen comedies and sitcoms that would come after it.

Despite its ups and downs, the disappearance and return on various streaming platforms, or even some missing faces in the later parts of the series, That ’70s Show has reaffirmed its status as a cult classic – a slice of the ’70s serving timeless laughs, poignant moments, and a shower of nostalgia. Keep the ’70s Show fever alive, folks! It’s a trip worth remembering!


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