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Mike Vallely’s 7 Legendary Skate Moments

mike vallely

For those with their finger on the pulse of skateboarding’s beating heart, the name Mike Vallely resonates like a kickflip echoing across an empty pool. From the vinyl-scratched ramps of the ’80s to today’s street art-splashed plazas, Mike Vallely, often affectionately dubbed ‘Mike V,’ has not just ridden the waves of skate culture—he’s generated them. His is a story of defiance, of bold lines drawn in urban landscapes, and it speaks to the very soul of what it means to push, both literally and figuratively, against the grain.

The Origin: Mike Vallely’s Early Skateboarding Impact

Right from the get-go, it was evident that Mike Vallely wasn’t here to merely coast. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, you could feel the ground quake as the collective skateboarding world tilted its head towards this newcomer. With a unique aggressive style that shunned the then pristine, competition-driven ethos, Mike V carved a whole new path, turning sidewalks into canvases for his four-wheeled artistry. His kinetic energy was palpable, inspiring a generation who sought skateboarding as not just a sport but a means of expression.

The Origin: this rough-and-tumble Jersey kid, with his fists often as ready as his feet, wasn’t just a breath of fresh air – he was a howling wind that reeked of rebellion. His aggressive stances and fearless approaches to what were, at the time, considered untrickable spots, became the stuff of legend.

Powell Peralta Mike Vallely Elephant Lime Old School Reissue Skateboard Deck

Powell Peralta Mike Vallely Elephant Lime Old School Reissue Skateboard Deck


Unveil a blast from the past with the Powell Peralta Mike Vallely Elephant Lime Old School Reissue Skateboard Deck, a true nod to the golden era of skateboarding. This deck is perfect for enthusiasts looking to add a vintage touch to their collection or for skaters seeking a board with a distinctive aesthetic. Featuring the iconic elephant graphic that first graced Mike Vallely’s signature model in the late ’80s, this deck comes adorned in a vibrant lime color that captures the spirit and boldness of its time. Crafted with the dedication to quality Powell Peralta is known for, this reissue uses premium materials to deliver a deck that’s both durable and stylish.

The elephant artwork isn’t just symbolic of Vallely’s influential style and persona; it’s also a piece of skateboarding history that helped define the visual culture of the sport. Alongside its eye-catching design, the decks old school shape incorporates a wide, classic street-style nose and a generous tail, providing ample space for foot placement and a nostalgic feel during every trick. The screen-printed image ensures longevity of the graphic, as does the construction from high-quality maple wood, ensuring a sturdy ride whether you’re cruising, performing tricks, or proudly displaying it as part of a collection.

Measuring a generous width, the Powell Peralta Mike Vallely Elephant Lime Old School Reissue Skateboard Deck offers a stable platform for all your skating needs, making it suitable for both novice riders and seasoned veterans. Whether you are looking to relive cherished skate sessions from the past, or introduce a timeless design to the modern skate park, this deck balances performance with a vintage charm. Enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to authentic detail, while the modern skater will love its unique look and reliable functionality. Owning this deck is not just a step back into the rich history of skateboarding, but a statement piece that bridges the gap between the old school flair and contemporary skating culture.

The Electrifying Powell-Peralta Breakout

And then came the Powell-Peralta era. The seminal “Public Domain” video? That was Mike Vallely’s coming-out party, his skateboarding bar mitzvah, if you will. There he was – a whirlwind of limbs and plywood – showcasing something the world hadn’t seen before. “The Electrifying Breakout,” the spread said, and boy, did he live up to that headline. Vallely swashed buckled his way across handrails and gaps alike, and every landing, every heart-stopping trick etched his name deeper into the annals of street skating history.

That segment wasn’t just entertainment; it was a mission statement. His raw charisma wasn’t something you could slap onto a mad nice photo; it was ingrained in his every move, leaping off the screen and, more importantly, into the hearts and minds of skaters worldwide.

Image 17444

Category Details
Full Name Mike Vallely (commonly referred to as Mike V)
Birthdate June 29, 1970
Professional Roles Professional Skateboarder, Actor, Musician, Entrepreneur
Skateboarding Career – Pioneering influence in street skating
– Founded Street Plant Skateboards in 2015 with family
Entrepreneurial Ventures – Street Plant Skateboards (2015), a company focused on skateboarding equipment and culture
– Collaborated with Cariuma for his Signature Shoe, THE VALLELY (2021)
Acting – Played ‘Nico’ in “The Hangover Part III” (2013)
Music – Joined The Complete Disaster as a musician (2021)
Personal Safety Stance – Advocates wearing helmets for skateboarding after deciding to prioritize head protection
Relocation to Iowa – Moved at the end of 2020 to Des Moines, Iowa
– Reasons: Bike trails, waterways, urban and natural spaces, state parks, seasons, local businesses
Family – Wife: Annie Vallely
– Daughters: Emily and Lucinda Vallely
– Pets: French Bulldogs, Bentley and Dozer
Residence Des Moines, Iowa
Public Sentiment – Seen as a cultural figure in skateboarding
– Respected for his contributions to the sport and lifestyle of street skating

Revolutionary Decks: Vallely’s Influence on Skateboard Design

Vallely’s influence went beyond tricks and tapes – it seeped into the very planks that bear our rollicking gaits. His mind melded with the likes of World Industries and later Element, shaping boards that just screamed ‘Mike V.’ Remember the “Barnyard”? That iconic deck mixed street smart aesthetics with a symphony of pop and versatility. And it wasn’t by accident – Mike Vallely was instrumental in breaking the mold, pushing for designs that supported the burgeoning street skating movement.

Boards weren’t just wood; they were statements, emblazoned with imagery as loud as the sounds of urethane on asphalt, as vivid as the energy Vallely brought to every session. Take it from someone who’s rolled on everything from cruisers to Skechers slip on shoes – Vallely’s decks are like holding a piece of modern mythology in your hands.

Making History at the Philly Slam City Jam

Philly, 1991, and the air was thick with something more than summer – expectancy. Under the gaze of Love Park’s stoic sculptures, Vallely set the streets ablaze with a performance that went down in history. That Eastern Exposure tape might as well have been etched in stone, for it monumented a shift in skateboarding’s very foundation. Mike V tackled the unforgiving concrete with a mix of grace and gusto that hadn’t been seen before.

As others might tip-toe around the concept of a street style competition, Vallely steamrolled into it, his commandeering approach not just reshaping but outright creating what it meant to compete in the realm of street skating. He was the embodiment of the opportunity house – a place where potential and passion cohabitated and thrived.

DRIVE Season Episode Unsung Heroes Mike Vallely

DRIVE Season Episode Unsung Heroes Mike Vallely


**DRIVE Season Episode: Unsung Heroes – Mike Vallely**

Embark on a thrilling and inspirational journey in the latest episode of DRIVE Season, where we spotlight the life and pivotal moments of skateboarding legend Mike Vallely. Known affectionately to fans as “Mike V,” this episode, “Unsung Heroes,” delves deep into his contributions to the world of extreme sports and his impact on youth culture. From the gritty asphalt of suburban skate spots to the bright lights of professional arenas, witness how Mike V’s relentless spirit and innovative tricks cemented his name in the annals of skateboarding history.

Displaying never-before-seen footage and intimate interviews, the episode paints a vivid picture of Vallely’s rise from a New Jersey teen with a passion for skating to a global icon whose aggressive style and authentic persona have inspired countless skateboarders. It also explores his forays into music, acting, and entrepreneurship, revealing the multifaceted nature of this unsung hero. Fans will be especially captivated by stories of Vallely’s defiance against the commercialization of the sport and his advocacy for keeping skateboarding true to its roots.

“Unsung Heroes – Mike Vallely” is not only a must-watch for skate enthusiasts but also for anyone who appreciates the drive and determination it takes to defy expectations and make a mark on the world. This DRIVE Season episode is a testament to Vallely’s enduring legacy, highlighting how he shaped the cultural landscape and became an inspiring figure for rebels and dreamers everywhere. Tune in to discover the undying respect he commands among his peers and the next generation of skaters that walk the path he paved.

Skateboarding and Punk Rock Synthesis

If skateboarding is Mike V’s heartbeat, then punk rock is the blood pumping through those ventricles. The synthesis of these two was never more palpable than when Vallely took to the stage, with the ferocity of his flips matched only by the intensity of his on-stage presence. Bands like Black Flag became synonymous with his name – an equivalence that shaped skater’s playlists as much as their park routes.

His deep dive into the music world, notably through his roles in Black Flag and Revolution Mother, showed that Vallely was never one to be pigeonholed. His was a creative spirit that needed outlets, and punk rock’s raw, unapologetic nature was a fitting parallel to his approach on the board. Skating wasn’t just about the thrills; it was about the soundtrack that accompanied them, whether you were grinding rails in Woodburn, Oregon or catching a gig at La Esquina.

Image 17445

Vallely’s Game-Changing Video Game Appearances

Let’s not forget Vallely’s pixelated adventures – his appearances in the zeitgeist-capturing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series were nothing short of revolutionary for the skate world. Suddenly, Mike V wasn’t just a street legend but a fixture in living rooms across the globe, his digital avatar introducing newbies to the ‘Ruler on Wheels’ and allowing them to tread – albeit virtually – in his Vans-wrapped footsteps.

This wasn’t just about extending his brand; it was about bringing the pure, unbridled essence of skateboarding to the masses. The video games became a gateway, a teaser trailer to the uninitiated, a swath of digital landscape where many took their first ollies before venturing onto the asphalt sprawls.

Triple Eight The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet for Skateboarding, BMX, and Roller Skating, Mike Vallely Signature Edition, SmallMedium

Triple Eight The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet for Skateboarding, BMX, and Roller Skating, Mike Vallely Signature Edition, SmallMedium


The Triple Eight The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet for Skateboarding, BMX, and Roller Skating is the quintessential choice for riders seeking the ultimate combination of comfort and protection. This Mike Vallely Signature Edition not only boasts the iconic styling and graphics handpicked by the legendary skateboarder himself but is engineered to meet the stringent demands of active sports enthusiasts. A unique feature of this helmet is the Sweatsaver liner, which helps in moisture management, keeping riders dry and comfortable during intense sessions. The plush dual-certified design means it meets safety standards for both bike and skate, ensuring that users can transition from one sport to another without changing gear.

Crafted with a high-impact absorbing EPS foam and a tough ABS outer shell, the helmet provides robust protection without compromising on comfort. The Small/Medium size option makes it a perfect fit for riders with a head circumference of 21.7 22.8 inches (55cm 58cm), ensuring a snug and secure fit that is crucial for safety and performance. What’s more, the helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap and a dial system for fine-tuning the fit, offering both quick adjustments and long-term comfort.

The Mike Vallely Signature Edition not only safeguards your head but also infuses your ride with a sense of personal style that stands out at the skatepark or on the streets. The attention to detail continues with extra sets of Sweatsaver liners in various thicknesses, allowing for a customized fit and easy replacement over time. Whether grinding rails, riding bowls, or cruising through a BMX track, riders can trust that the Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet delivers on its promise of safety and flair, making every session both fearless and unforgettable.

The Birth of Street Plant: Vallely’s Skateboarding Philosophy Materialized

Street Plant – the company born of Vallely’s ethos that skateboarding is not a hobby, not a sport, but a way of living – stands as a testament to individuality and freedom. Since its inception, Street Plant has been a beacon of independence in the skateboarding community, offering not just quality decks but an ideal, an axis of, ‘Skate. Create. Enjoy.’

The boards born of Street Plant’s womb are manifestations of Vallely’s soul, where every kick, every flip, speaks volumes of the integrity, creativity, and pride imbued in them. It’s more than just a business; it’s a nucleus, where the Vallely values transmit to every skater willing to embody the ‘Sidewalk Surfer.’

Image 17446

The Everlasting Legacy of Mike Vallely’s Skateboarding Journey

Weaving through a quarter-century of pop culture, Mike Vallely’s legacy is rich with stories that have changed the way skateboarding is perceived and practiced. It is in these legendary moments – these flashes where decks took flight, where walls were painted with the rubber marks of rebellious wheels – that we find the essence of Vallely’s contribution to the world on four wheels.

The journey of Mike Vallely teaches us about unwavering passion, about carving out your own niche in a tapestry that may seem imposing, and about the unyielding spirit of skateboarding that refuses to be curtailed. Mike V has been many things over the years — a skateboarder, a musician, an actor (remember his stint as Nico in The Hangover Part III?) — but through it all, he’s unfailingly been an innovator.


As we wax boards and tweak trucks, it’s crucial to remember pioneers like Mike Vallely, who have kept the spirit of skateboarding not merely alive but thrumming with vitality. Vallely’s impact on skate culture—whether through his revolutionary skating, his punk-infused lifestyle, or his foray into skate-centric entrepreneurism—reverberates with the raw authenticity that is the lifeblood of the skating world.

Looking ahead to Mike Vallely’s future contributions, we can be assured of one thing: his legendary moments, his fervor for creativity and individuality, will continue to resonate and inspire, from the crackling pages of history to the sprawling skate parks of tomorrow. His time in Des Moines, Iowa, a testament to his unwavering search for a life lived on his own terms – full of bike trails, waterways, and independent spirit – is an extension of this legacy.

And so, we’re reminded that to ascribe to Vallely’s mantra ‘Skate. Create. Enjoy.’ is not just to ride but to be vibrantly, vividly alive in the pursuit of what sets our souls aflame. This is the keystone of Mike Vallely’s undying saga, providing a blueprint for blading enthuse rockets and board barracks everywhere. With a clive davis net worth of ambition, Vallely has pioneered terrains both physical and conceptual, teaching us all to stand tall on our skateboards — helmets firmly strapped — eyes set firmly upon the horizon.

Mike Vallely’s Iconic Skateboarding Legacy

When it comes to skateboarding legends, the name Mike Vallely, aka “Mike V,” stands tall at the halfpipe. This street warrior has been shredding concrete since the mid-80s, turning the everyday grind into an art form. His bold style and unapologetic attitude have cemented him as one of the godfathers of street skating. So, buckle up buttercup; we’re about to take a wild ride through seven epic moments where Mike V left us all gobsmacked!

The Barnyard Board Revolution

Talk about a game-changer! Mike V introduced the “barnyard” skateboard design, which was as rad and innovative as the slipknot logo is unmistakable in the metal scene. Picture this: a double-kick shape that allowed skaters to bust moves they’d never even dreamed of before. It threw out the rulebook, flipped the script, and said catch me if you can to the skateboarding world.

Barricade Hoppin’ Like It’s Hot

You might’ve seen some mad nice Photos of skaters leaping over stuff, but Mike V took it next-level by sailing over actual police barricades. Yeah, you heard that right. During a demo in Germany, this maverick decided it was time to up the ante and launched himself into the air like it was just another day at the office. The crowd went bananas, and the rest is history.

The Infamous Powell Peralta Incident

Now, this one’s juicier than a high school gossip column. After a falling out with Powell Peralta, Mike V decided to take matters into his own hands—literally. He gathered up his signature decks and set them ablaze. It was like a dramatic break-up with his board sponsor, and it totally set the streets on fire, both figuratively and literally.

Woodburn, Oregon’s Most Memorable Demo

Picture a sleepy town, and then imagine the roar of skateboard wheels. That’s right, Mike V turned Woodburn, Oregon, into an infamous pitstop on the skateboarding map. His demo there was off the chain, showcasing the kind of skills that’d leave you thinking he’d sold his soul to the skate gods. To this day, the locals still talk about the day the skateboarding circus came to town.

Skating’s Answer to Rocky Balboa

Adding a punch to our list, Mike V once squared off in a legit boxing match against pro skater Chris Cole. It was a no-holds-barred brawl that could’ve held its own in a “Rocky” movie. They both threw down, with Mike showing the world he had enough fight in him to go toe-to-toe in the ring, just like he does on the streets with his board.

The “Why Women Deserve Less” Book Incident

Alright, we’ve gotta address the elephant in the room. That time Mike V confronted a guy hawking a book titled “Why Women Deserve Less” and became a viral sensation. It was a random encounter that showcased Mike’s no-nonsense approach to BS. He stood up for what’s right, echoing the same fearless spirit he brings to the ramps.

The Elephant Brand Charge

Mike V isn’t just about kickflips and ollies; he’s also got the brains for business. He spearheaded Elephant Brand, stamping his legacy in the skate world from all angles. This move was as sleek and strategic as a power slide, carving his name into an empire as sturdy as his reputation on the griptape.

So, there you have it! Mike Vallely is a living legend, a true maverick whose tales are as gnarly as his tricks. Each moment we’ve rolled through is a testament to a dude who lives by no one’s rules but his own—a bona fide skateboarding icon. And here’s the kicker: he’s not even close to hanging up his helmet. Mike V’s still out there, laying down the law and leaving an indelible mark on the skateboarding universe. Keep on rollin’, Mike!

SOCCO x Mike Vallely White Crew Socks wBlack Lightning Bolts Athletic Skate Socks Made in USA

SOCCO x Mike Vallely White Crew Socks wBlack Lightning Bolts  Athletic Skate Socks  Made in USA


Immerse your feet in the arena of comfort and style with SOCCO x Mike Vallely White Crew Socks adorned with electrifying Black Lightning Bolts. These athletic skate socks are not just a statement of style, but a testament to enduring quality, made to stand the test of time and the rigors of the skate park. Each pair is a product of masterful design collaboration with skateboarding icon Mike Vallely, ensuring that they meet the performance demands of athletes while capturing the rebellious spirit of the skate culture.

Designed with a dynamic contrast of clean white fabric and bold black lightning bolts, these socks make a striking visual impact that will energize your every move. The plush cushioning and supportive fit targets comfort for high-impact areas, providing an optimal blend of shock absorption and snugness that keeps you skating longer and harder. The high thread count and attention to detail guarantee that these socks maintain their shape and vibrancy, even after countless washes and wears.

Proudly made in the USA, the SOCCO x Mike Vallely socks stand for quality craftsmanship and domestic manufacturing. They embody a dedication to the skating community, with a portion of the proceeds supporting skater-run initiatives and events. With every stride, jump, and trick, wearers showcase their support for an industry legend while enjoying the premium comfort and distinctive style that is SOCCO. Let your feet capture the lightning with every push, pivot, and ollie, these socks are a true confluence of performance and panache.

Is Mike Vallely in the hangover 3?

Oh, you’re thinking of Mike Vallely popping up in “The Hangover 3?” Nope, he didn’t make an appearance in that wild ride of a movie. Easy mistake, though – with all the crazy cameos in those flicks, it’s hard to keep track!

Where is Mike Vallely now?

As for where Mike Vallely is hanging his hat these days, he’s still very much in the mix. This legendary skateboarder turned his wheels towards entrepreneurial ventures, so you might just spot him around his own skateboarding brand or throwing down some wisdom on social media. He’s seemingly everywhere and nowhere, like a skateboarding ghost rider!

Why does Mike Vallely wear a helmet?

Why does Mike Vallely strap on a helmet before he skates? Well, even skateboarding maestros like him know that noggin protection is no joke! It’s all about safety first in a sport where the pavement can be unforgiving. Plus, setting a good example for young shredders is kinda his thing.

Why does Mike Vallely live in Des Moines?

You heard Vallely moved to Des Moines and wondered, “What’s up with that?” Simply put, life’s twists and turns can take you to some unexpected places, but for Mike V, it’s all about community and a fresh start. Des Moines offers a quieter scene, a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Cali life. Plus, it’s kinda cool to be a skate legend in the heartland of America, right?

Did Zach Galifianakis actually sing in Hangover 3?

Zach Galifianakis and his sweet, sweet melodies in “The Hangover 3″—did he belt them out for real? You bet! In true Zach fashion, he tickled the ivories and let his voice soar, giving us all a good chuckle and a tug on the heartstrings.

Is Carlos in Hangover 3 the same as hangover?

So, about Carlos in “The Hangover 3″—is it the same adorable tyke from the original movie? Nah, that little bundle of laughs got a pint-sized recast. Kids grow up so fast, and Hollywood moves even faster!

Is Mike Vallely A Vegan?

Mike Vallely stomping around in vegan boots? Yep, he’s known for pushing a plant-based lifestyle almost as hard as he pushes on a halfpipe. He’s all about that vegan power, both on and off the board.

Who did Mike Vallely skate for?

The list of brands Mike Vallely has shredded for is long enough to make your head spin. From Powell Peralta to Element, his deck has had more sponsors than a NASCAR racecar. Talk about a skating resume!

When did Mike Vallely start singing for Black Flag?

When did Mike Vallely grab the mic for Black Flag? Around 2013, he took a wild ride from skate parks to punk rock stages, proving his pipes could rock as hard as his kickflips. Talk about a jack-of-all-trades, eh?

Did Mike Vallely play hockey?

Mike Vallely on ice with a hockey stick? Not in the pros, but don’t put it past this action sports junkie. You might catch him playing a pickup game or cheering in the stands, but the NHL’s loss is the skate world’s gain!

When did Mike Vallely start skating?

Brace yourselves, folks—Mike Vallely started rolling on skateboards in the early ’80s, and look at him now! A legend was born when he first set foot on that magic rolling plank as a wee one in New Jersey.

Did Guy Lafleur wear a helmet?

Did Guy Lafleur rock a helmet during his NHL heyday? For a chunk of his career, he flew down the ice with his hair streaming behind him—old-school style. But later on, even this hockey icon had to bow to the safety gods and don a lid.

How old is skateboarder Mike Vallely?

Mike Vallely’s been around the block a few times, and he’s still pushing strong. How old, you ask? He’s been keeping it real since 1970, which makes him a battle-hardened veteran of the skate scene.

How tall is Mike Vallely?

If you’re wondering how much air Mike Vallely gets when he’s towering on his board, he stands at about 5’10”, a pretty standard height to pull off those gravity-defying tricks. Not too tall, not too short – just right for skateboarding dynamite!

How old is Tony Hawk?

And as for Tony Hawk, the godfather of modern skateboarding, he’s been flipping and flying since 1968. Do the math, and you’ll realize this legend has been at it for quite a while, inspiring generations of boarders. Time flies when you’re nailing 900s!


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