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5 Insane Hits Songs Bebe Rexha Wrote

Welcome to Vibration Magazine, where we peel back the layers of melody and rhythm to uncover the architects of today’s most infectious tunes. Get ready, ’cause today we’re spotlighting the inimitable Bebe Rexha – a songwriting juggernaut whose melodic alchemy has concocted some of the most insane hits on the airwaves.

The Songwriting Maverick: Bebe Rexha and Her Chart-Topping Hits

Ahh, Bebe Rexha – cue the spotlight and pull back the curtain. Many fans know her as the commanding voice behind bops like “I Got You” and “Me, Myself & I,” but the true Rexha revelation comes when we dive into the songs Bebe Rexha wrote. My dear music lovers, it’s more than a transition from behind-the-scenes maven to superstar chanteuse; it’s a bonafide metamorphosis.

Here’s someone who isn’t just serendipitously stumbling upon hooks that stick. Rexha’s approach to crafting songs entails a tapestry of memorable lyrics with melodies that tap right into the zeitgeist, speaking volumes to hearts worldwide. She’s not just hitting notes; she’s hitting nerves.

Her songwriting journey is kind of like that scene from Mike Myers – a transformative mix of comedy and sincerity that sneaks up on you. Rexha’s clever lyrics that often reflect real, raw experiences resonate with her audience like a well-timed punchline that you didn’t see coming.

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“The Monster”: Unleashing Bebe Rexha’s Songwriting Prowess

Boom! 2013 gave us a glimpse of a forthcoming hero in the songwriting sphere when Bebe Rexha co-wrote “The Monster” for Eminem and Rihanna. This behemoth of a track was not any typical creature feature; it was a well-oiled machine, part introspective musing, part roof-raising anthem.

Penned with the likes of Aalias, Jon Bellion, Maki Athanasiou, and Frequency, Rexha’s breakthrough moment wasn’t just about sharing the sandbox with big names. It was a harmonious blend of vulnerability and empowerment, with Rihanna’s hook showcasing the very essence of Rexha’s lyrical prowess.

Let’s talk turkey – “The Monster” didn’t just chart; it conquered. Sitting atop the Billboard Hot 100, it grabbed the reins and dictated a new era for Bebe Rexha. Just like when you sleep With step mom, you knew things were about to get complicated and undeniably spicy.

Song Title Performed by Album/Single Year Co-Writers Notes
“The Monster” Eminem ft. Rihanna The Marshall Mathers LP 2 2013 Eminem, Rihanna, Aalias, Rexha provided the chorus which she recorded for the demo before it was given to Rihanna.
Jon Bellion, Maki Athanasiou, The song reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
“Like a Champion” Selena Gomez Stars Dance 2013 Daniel James, Leah Haywood, Rexha contributed to the writing of the song, embracing a reggae-infused style.
Peter Thomas, Mark Myrie
“Glowing” Nikki Williams Glowing (Single) 2013 Arnthor Birgisson, Daniel Rexha co-wrote the song which was also Nikki Williams’ debut single.
James, Leah Haywood
“I Can’t Stop Drinking Nikki Williams N/A 2013 Jonas Jeberg, Lauren Christy, Rexha co-wrote this unreleased song which leaked online.
About You” Scott Spock
“Take Me Home” Cash Cash ft. Bebe Overtime EP / Blood, Sweat & 3 Years 2013 Bebe Rexha, Cash Cash, Rexha is featured as the lead vocal as well and is one of the co-writers. Song peaked at
Rexha JP Clark #57 on the Billboard Hot 100.
“Team” Iggy Azalea Digital Distortion (Unreleased from the 2016 Iggy Azalea, Lauren Christy, Rexha co-wrote the song which served as the lead single from the eventually scrapped album.
official album) Ljay Currie, Michael
“Hey Mama” David Guetta ft. Nicki Listen 2014 David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha co-wrote and initially laid down the track which was later sung by Nicki Minaj.
Minaj, Afrojack & Afrojack, Giorgio Tuinfort, The song was a top-ten hit worldwide.
Bebe Rexha Sean Douglas
“Meant to Be” Bebe Rexha ft. Expectations 2017 Bebe Rexha, Florida Georgia Rexha co-wrote her own hit song, which enjoyed massive success on the country charts.
Florida Georgia Line Line, Josh Miller, David Garcia

“Meant to Be”: A Country-Pop Crossover Triumph

Hold your horses, ’cause when Bebe Rexha decided to dip her toes in the country waters with Florida Georgia Line, she didn’t just swim – she made waves. “Meant to Be” is the perfect blend of sweet southern twang and pop sensibility, proving that genre lines are just as blendable as your morning smoothie.

The essence of “Meant to Be” lies within its simplicity, just like the charm of Merida Mexico. It’s a tale of laissez-faire love; whether it’s fate, destiny, or pure unadulterated chemistry, Rexha’s pen managed to encapsulate feelings everyone’s felt at some moment, somewhere.

On the charts? “Meant to Be” was like that magic eraser, scrubbing its way up and leaving a shiny number one spot on the Billboard Hot Country for a whopping 50 weeks. That’s not just a hit; that’s a home run, a slam dunk, and a checkmate all in one melodious package.

Image 24580

“Hey Mama”: Bridging Electronic Beats and Pop Vocals

If you need an example of Rexha’s versatility, look no further than “Hey Mama” – the electrifying track she co-wrote for David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, and Afrojack. Here’s an anthem that doesn’t just walk the line between electronic dance and pop – it dances on it.

Bebe Rexha didn’t just contribute to a beat drop; she infused “Hey Mama” with a spirit that would capture audiences across the globe. Her keen sense of what gets people moving transformed the track into an anthem worthy of blasting from speakers on any continent.

Chart-wise, “Hey Mama” flexed its muscles in top 10 positions worldwide, illustrating that when Rexha puts pen to paper, or rather, voice to mic, she’s not just playing in the big leagues – she’s dominating them.

“In the Name of Love”: Penning the Perfect Dance Anthem

Let’s rave a bit about “In the Name of Love,” the fruits of the collaborative genius that is Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha. Here’s a dance track that feels like it’s had a shot of adrenaline, with Rexha’s passionate lyrics thumping alongside heart-racing beats.

It’s about that soul-stirring brand of love, the kind that makes you want to proclaim your feelings from the rooftop – or, as in this case, across festival fields packed with thousands. Call it the stranger things poster of the music world: captivating, a bit mysterious, but ultimately a classic in its own right.

In the echelons of EDM, “In the Name of Love” strutted right into the limelight — beloved by fans, pulsing through playlists, and staking its claim as a festival canon. Rexha’s craftsmanship shined through the drop, her voice the human touch amidst the symphony of synths.

“I’m a Mess”: Crafting Personal Anthems for the Masses

It might be all fun and games, narratives of monsters and dance anthems, but Bebe Rexha isn’t afraid to get real. Exhibit A: “I’m a Mess.” Here’s the heart on sleeve, all cards on the table, a unifying cry that imperfection is more than okay – it’s relatable.

This isn’t just textbook vulnerability; this is diving into the deep end, where the paper doll Lyrics flutter away, and the core of Rexha’s human experience sits bare and brave for all the world to see — and sing along to.

The commercial success of “I’m a Mess” was no fluke. It’s perhaps the epitome of what people crave from music: the feeling that someone out there gets it, the affirmation that hey, maybe being a mess is universal — and perhaps, a bit beautiful.

The Unseen Impact: Bebe Rexha’s Contributions to Pop Culture

“Celebs, they’re just like us!” Ah, but when it comes to Bebe Rexha, we’re not just talking supermarket snapshots. We’re delving into an artist whose lyrical quips and hooks have burrowed into the soundtrack of our lives.

The promising young woman cast in the world of songwriting includes Rexha, as she entwines herself with the pop culture fabric, spanning genres and exceeding expectations. Her influence extends beyond her own discography, inspiring a current of pop artisans to imbue their work with genuineness matched with catchy allure.

Conclusion: Celebrating Bebe Rexha’s Melodic Alchemy

As we wind down this symphony of praise, let’s give a standing O for Bebe Rexha. This isn’t about throwing roses at her feet; it’s a recognition of a artist who can serve up hits on a silver platter, whether for herself or for others.

Reflecting on these five insane songs Bebe Rexha wrote, what stands out is the golden thread of authenticity. They’re not just radio reruns; they’re cornerstones of playlists, anthems for our milestones, and sometimes, the lifeline we didn’t know we needed.

Bebe Rexha’s impact on the melody-rich skyline of the music industry is as vivid as the first first time home buyer Programs Ohio – fundamentally transforming with a promise of more to come. And for Rexha, the future isn’t just bright; it’s a kaleidoscope of potential hits, resonating with every beat of the human heart.

Ready for the encore? So are we, Bebe. So are we.

Hit Parade of Songs Bebe Rexha Wrote

Bebe Rexha has a gift, folks! Not only does she slay with her own tunes, but she’s the mastermind behind some chart-topping bops you’ve totally been jamming to—without even knowing it was her genius at play. Let’s dive deep and uncover some captivating nuggets about these smash hits you likely never guessed were penned by Bebe herself. Get ready for your mind to be blown!

The Monster Mash-Up

Oh, you thought Eminem and Rihanna’s spine-chilling hit “The Monster” was just conjured up from the depths? Nope! Bebe Rexha was stirring the cauldron behind the scenes. Seriously, the first time you heard that chorus, it was like BAM—earworm for days. And let’s not gloss over the fact that this anthem skyrocketed to the top of the charts faster than a broomstick on a full moon night. That’s the Rexha magic touch, having written the hook that’s been on loop in our heads since 2013.

Check out Rihanna’s phenomenal delivery on the chorus, which Bebe crafted, by giving “The Monster” a listen. It’s truly a stroke of genius from our girl Bebe.

Flashlight Shining Bright

Alright, hands up if you’re guilty of belting out “Flashlight” from Pitch Perfect 2 in your best shower voice—yeah, me too! Would you believe Ms. Rexha was the lyrical wizard behind Jessie J’s powerful performance of this powerful ballad? I mean, think about it: it takes a special kind of songwriter to capture the heart and soul needed for a track that becomes an anthem among the Barden Bellas enthusiasts.

Jessie J’s powerful vocals brought Bebe’s heartfelt words to life in a way that will give you goosebumps. Don’t take my word for it; have a listen and let that ‘pitch-perfect’ harmony hit you right in the feels.

Hey, it’s Like I’m Under Your Spell

Cue the magic of “Me, Myself & I!” So, there’s a funny story behind this one. G-Eazy needed that one spellbinding chorus to elevate his track to haunting heights, and who better to call than our enchanting musical sorceress, Bebe Rexha? She delivered a catchy hook that was both vulnerable and banging—quite the combo. Guests at a party might roll their eyes at another repeat, but deep down, everyone’s inner DJ knows it’s the golden ticket.

G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha truly created musical alchemy with “Me, Myself & I”. And let’s be real, it’s been a personal anthem for our alone-in-the-car performances more times than we care to admit!

This is What They Came For

Okay, I’ll keep it a hundred—Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s “This Is What You Came For” was so huge, it practically needed its own zip code. But, hey, guess who’s got the writing creds alongside Calvin? Yep, you guessed it, our girl Bebe! This powerhouse song is just dripping with Bebe’s signature flair for anthem vibes that make you want to dance uncontrollably in the middle of a grocery store. No judgment; we’ve all been there.

If you want to relive that “This Is What You Came For” drop and imagine a world where every Friday night is a block party, check out Rihanna and Calvin Harris doing what they do best.

All Hands on Deck for This Smash

Finally, let’s talk about Tinashe’s “All Hands on Deck.” This tune is like that high-energy friend who’s always ready to hit the dance floor—the one that lives by the motto “go big or go home.” Well, guess what? Bebe’s the behind-the-scenes buddy hyping up that dance anthem. That’s right; she shaped those beats and words into a track that makes it impossible not to throw your hands up and let loose.

Next time “All Hands on Deck” comes on and you find yourself moving like you’re in a music video, tip your hat to Bebe for penning such a jam.

Whew, wasn’t that a whirlwind tour through the hit factory that is Bebe Rexha’s brain? We’ve all been unwitting fans of her writing prowess for a hot minute! So the next time you’re playing trivia night and the question “What epic songs did Bebe Rexha write?” pops up, you’ll be the superstar who knows it all. Keep grooving, music lovers!

Image 24581

What songs has Bebe Rexha wrote for other artists?

– Oh, Bebe Rexha’s got her songwriting tentacles in more pies than you might think! She’s penned tracks for the stars, like Selena Gomez’s peppy “Like a Champion,” and had Nikki Williams shining bright with “Glowing.” But wait, there’s more – Bebe’s not just hitting the jackpot; she’s the casino, writing bangers for the likes of Eminem and others.

What is Bebe Rexha biggest hit?

– Talk about catchier than a cold in winter, Bebe Rexha’s smash hit “Meant to Be” featuring Florida Georgia Line had us all singing along whether we liked it or not! This tune didn’t just climb the charts; it practically sprinted to the top, making it her biggest hit to date.

What song did Bebe Rexha write for Eminem?

– Picture this: Bebe Rexha, scribbling away, and boom! She churns out “The Monster” for none other than Eminem! That’s right, she co-wrote this bop that had us all jamming to Em’s rhymes and RiRi’s smooth chorus. It’s the sort of tune that sticks like gum to your brain!

Did Bebe Rexha wrote for Rihanna?

– Well, who’d have thought? Yes, indeed, Bebe Rexha did wave her magic pen for Rihanna too. By co-writing “The Monster,” she didn’t just contribute to Eminem’s repertoire; she added a glitzy feather to RiRi’s cap as well. Talk about a double whammy!

What Selena Gomez song did Bebe Rexha wrote?

– When Selena Gomez needed a hit that packs a punch, who did she call? Bebe Rexha, that’s who! Bebe whipped up “Like a Champion,” which has Selena serving some serious island vibes. This jam’s got Selena fans bopping their heads faster than a hiccup!

What songs did Bebe Rexha write for Selena Gomez?

– Hang on to your hats because there’s only one Bebe Rexha tune for Selena that we’re sure of, and that’s “Like a Champion.” It’s got more flavor than a taco Tuesday and had fans grooving to that reggae-pop beat!

What does Bebe Rexha call her fans?

– Get this, Bebe Rexha calls her fans “Rexhars.” Cute, right? Sort of like a roar and a hug rolled into one. These folks are die-hard supporters and would probably follow her to the end of the earth or at least to the nearest concert venue.

What is Bebe Rexha real name?

– Roll out the red carpet because Bleta Rexha’s in town! Yup, our songstress extraordinaire, Bebe Rexha, was born Bleta, which means “bee” in Albanian. She’s busy buzzin’ and makin’ hits, true to her name!

Was Bebe Rexha an American Idol contestant?

– Nope, Bebe Rexha wasn’t an American Idol alum. She didn’t need the TV screen to shoot for the stars. She’s always been all about the music, and boy, did she make it big on her terms – talk about flying without wings!

What songs did Bebe Rexha write for Nick Jonas?

– Hold up, there’s no record of Bebe Rexha writing tunes for Nick Jonas. They might have crossed paths in the biz, but writing for the JoBro? That’s a no-go.

How many songs does Bebe Rexha have?

– Bebe Rexha’s got enough songs to throw her own concert at this point! She’s released dozens of tracks, spread across her studio albums, EPs, and singles, not to mention the ones she’s written for other artists. If songs were stars, she’d have her own galaxy!

Who sang with Bebe Rexha?

– Bebe Rexha has teamed up with a roll call of big names. From belting “Meant to Be” with Florida Georgia Line to crooning “Back to You” with Louis Tomlinson, she’s shared the mic with the best. Collaborations are totally her jam!

How does Bebe Rexha pronounce her name?

– Let’s get this straight, Bebe Rexha’s name rolls off the tongue with ease – think ‘Bee-ba Rexa.’ It’s got a nice ring, doesn’t it? It’s as smooth as butter and twice as catchy!

Are Nicki Minaj and Bebe Rexha friends?

– Are Nicki Minaj and Bebe Rexha buddies? Well, they’ve certainly turned up the heat with collaborations like “No Broken Hearts,” but whether they’re swapping friendship bracelets, only they know. One thing’s for sure: they make a mean musical duo!

Who inspired Bebe Rexha?

– The muse behind Bebe Rexha’s catchy tunes? Well, life itself! From heartaches to high notes, Bebe digs into her own experiences to whip up songs that hit you right in the feels. She’s all about keeping it real and raw, just how her fans like it.

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